Fear the Fist of Seiji in Bushido!

June 1, 2014 by dracs

Over at Bushido two new minis have appeared for pre-order, letting swords and fists once again fly in this fantasy skirmish game.

First there is the miniature of Seiji, from the Temple of Ro-Kan.


This is one of those occasions when I think that the sculpt has actually surpassed the concept art that we saw. This model has avoided the overly large fist and is a pretty fantastic monk sculpt, ready to take on the enemies of the Temple.

Offering his sword for a number of factions, we see the release of the Golden Sentinel.

Golden Sentinel

The Golden Sentinels serve as the bodyguards of the Golden Emperor, protecting him as he journeys throughout his lands. However, they are often posted in far off locations and take on the customs of the surrounding locals.

Which of these two will you be taking into Bushido?

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