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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

Blogging At This Event:

Backstory Cards, Volume 2

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Backstory Cards blend your characters and setting concept into an intriguing set of relationships and history. It’s tailor-made for games where the player-characters already know each other—from fantasy adventurers to star marines, from supernatural beings who share the same city to global-hopping troubleshooters.

The campaign for Backstory Cards Vol.2 aims to produce two more printed decks to add to your writing/game-running/creative arsenal!

Backstory Cards, Volume 2 - Kicktraq Mini

Quester Party: A Hybrid Co-Op Fantasy Card Game Of WIN WIN

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This Kickstarter is to fund to the first edition printing of Quester Party: A hyrbid cooperative fantasy card game for 1-6 players. Check out Tiger for more info. This has been a labor of love and has come a long way since the first cards were hand drawn on card stock with colored pencils. Now after many late nights of grinding away on design the final prototype has been tested and with your backing, the first edition of Quester Party will become a reality.

I have already created all the art, designed the cards, box and team Tiger Ghost crew has game tested along the way. All I need now is your support. Those who back this project in one of the two reward categories will receive a special Quester included that will not be in the future editions of the game.

Quester Party: A Hybrid Co-Op Fantasy Card Game Of WIN WIN - Kicktraq Mini

Cthulhu: The Great Old One (Deluxe Edition)

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Cthulhu: The Great Old One is an exciting quick-play set collection game with "take that" cards and alternate in-game win AND lose conditions. More than that, Cthulhu:TGOO is a tribute to the writings of 1920's horror author Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and to some of those who have kept his works not only alive but thriving in our modern culture. Each card is taken directly from the writings of Lovecraft, calling to mind the settings and events from his varied tales.

This new Deluxe Edition evolves gameplay and mechanics from the original edition of the game, adding in "Sign" cards which can negate the effects of Horror cards, as well as making the flow of play much more smooth, and the experiences more varied between each playthrough session. With the new poker-sized cards and drawing system, hands are easy to manage and fun to wield against your opponents.

Cthulhu: The Great Old One (Deluxe Edition) - Kicktraq Mini
Cthulhu: The Great Old One (Deluxe Edition)

FourRealm: The Homebrew Friendly Campaign Setting & Module

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FourRealm is a Homebrew friendly Campaign Setting that can be played using your favorite medieval fantasy roleplaying game, like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Really any game that uses multiple races and tile-based maps.

The FourRealm book doesn't just feature a frame for a Campaign Setting, but also features an epic story with hundreds of hours of gameplay, that you can either play as a standalone campaign or play with your existing party as an expansion to your current game. With enough content to take your party from level 1 all the way to the end.

It's a pocket sized universe that is brimming with possibilities.

FourRealm: The Homebrew Friendly Campaign Setting & Module - Kicktraq Mini

CompoundIt! - The Chemistry Formula Word Game

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CompoundIt! is a word game in which the “letters” are chemical elements and the “words” are compounds. The rules of the game strive to balance entertainment and playability, scientific accuracy, and educational value.

The target audience includes students, science enthusiasts, nerds, and word game fans interested in learning an entirely new “language”.

CompoundIt! - The Chemistry Formula Word Game - Kicktraq Mini

The Dragon Heresy Introductory Set Fantasy RPG

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King Krail of Torengar calls you to rid the border marches of Tanalor of fell beasts, unwholesome fae, and the remnants of the ancient dragon empire. Alongside friends and rivals, carve out your legend and your jarldom in the wild lands north of civilization, seeking fortune and glory worthy of skalds retelling.

In the Dragon Heresy Introductory set, you will find everything required to create your hero, play the game, and challenge fearsome foes.

Venture forth under the eyes of the Aesir. Put your skill, strength, and sacred honor to the test. Find horror and death, or rise to take your place among the jarls of Torengar.

Go forth and stake your claim. Your saga starts here.

The Dragon Heresy Introductory Set Fantasy RPG - Kicktraq Mini


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Volatile is fun & dynamic tile-based word-creation game. It’s easy to learn and quick to setup. There’s no board so it packs up small to bring & play anywhere. It can be played competitively or cooperatively with up to 4 people, or as solitaire game.

There’s minimal score-keeping since you play words to collect cards & token. The game is balanced to promote interplay, so there’s less potential for huge swings or insurmountable leads.

Volatile - Kicktraq Mini

Graphic Novel Adventures

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Sound familiar? You've probably heard of game books where you get to choose your path by reading a series of text paragraphs each ending with a fun choice. But what if...

What if a game book implemented GRAPHICS into the game play? What if instead of text driving the action, text AND graphics combined to create a visual sensory experience?

Graphic Novel Adventures - Kicktraq Mini

The King Is Dead: A Roleplaying Party Game

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The King Is Dead is a roleplaying party game for 3-5 players. It's designed for any mix of roleplayers and non-roleplayers, and it plays in the same time and space as a board game or card game, so it's a good fit for game nights.

It's also great for a regular rpg group when one of the players can't make it. Look out, though! Everyone might want to play.

The King Is Dead: A Roleplaying Party Game - Kicktraq Mini

Lovecraft Cthulhu Inspired Ambient Music Vol 2. For Gaming

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Bring your Cthulhu Tabletop gaming to life with these 10 Ambient Soundscapes inspired by Cthulhu and the Music of Erich Zann.

These songs will allow you to add background music to your RPG campaign. Use the music during game setup or during narration to enhance your players experience.

All songs are currently in progress with Zann, Abderats Dreams, and Dark Spaces already completed.

Lovecraft Cthulhu Inspired Ambient Music Vol 2. For Gaming - Kicktraq Mini

Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature 1-4 Player Co-Op Game

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Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature is a cooperative game based on Rescue Polar Bears with a new data and temperature system added to the game design to make the strategy more diversified.

The consumption of fossil fuel and releasing of greenhouse gases yield the global warming. Around the north pole, the last icebergs are melting and the polar bears are facing the risk of being extinct. The players form a scientific organization. They try to collect data about climate change to persuade the governments to change their energy policy. At the same time, they also need to prevent polar bears from sinking into the freezing water.

Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature 1-4 Player Co-Op Game - Kicktraq Mini

Churrascaria: A Cutthroat Game Of Gluttony Relaunch

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Churrascaria: A Cutthroat Game of Gluttony is a casual card game where players are trying to eat all the succulent meats that appear on their plates while avoiding the equally delicious but ultimately unsatisfying sides and desserts that get in the way.

All the while, food theft, plate swapping, and general backstabbing keep the food flying and the steaks high. In the end, the person who consumes the most meat wins!

Churrascaria: A Cutthroat Game Of Gluttony Relaunch - Kicktraq Mini

Runes Of Mayhem - The Viking Card Game

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Runes of Mayhem is a fast-paced, competitive, historical tactical card game for two. Enter the Medieval world of the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons! Rule the battlefield with powerful formations and lead your forces with mighty heroes.

Overcome your opponent, destroy his fortress and reap the spoils of war! How will you earn victory?

Runes Of Mayhem - The Viking Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

SUBDUE - A Card Game Of Capture & Control

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SUBDUE is a card game of capture and control which takes place in a legendary universe where Kings and their Dragons fight for Castles supremacy.

Unfold your strategy in an intriguing and fun-to-play game with up to 6 players in free for all or cooperative mode.

SUBDUE - A Card Game Of Capture & Control - Kicktraq Mini
SUBDUE - A Card Game Of Capture & Control

Wee Beasties: Pretend Time (RPG Themed Children's Book)

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The Wee Beasties books feature adorable and endearing versions of classic fantasy RPG (role-playing game) creatures. The whimsical rhymes and vibrant illustrations are a delight for the young reader. Meanwhile, the more seasoned gamer will be treated to familiar fantasy RPG beasts as well as gaming and gaming-culture related Easter Eggs. Created to be short yet engaging for parent and child as well as early readers, the Wee Beasties books allow adult gamers to introduce the children in their lives to the hobby of fantasy gaming in a fun and relatable way.

The first book in this series, Wee Beasties: Bedtime, written by Andi Smith, and illustrated by Marina Neira, was made possible by a previous Kickstarter campaign. The feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive and we have been told that it has become a favorite to many fledgling gamers and and their families.

Wee Beasties: Pretend Time (RPG Themed Children's Book) - Kicktraq Mini

Gruff: Stuff Of Nightmares

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Once upon a time the 3 Billy-Goats Gruff were stopped by a horrible troll while trying to cross a bridge. The goats destroyed that Troll, and ever since that time shepherds have weaponized their herds to become weaponized monster goats called Gruffs! Gruff is a tactical combat card game where players duel to the death with custom teams of Mutated Monster Goats! Gruff features unique positional and timing mechanics that create a constant state of attack and counter-play.

Stuff of Nightmares is a stand-alone game that is fully compatible with the Gruff rules system and other Gruff games. Stuff of Nightmares provides the same visceral competitive experience as Gruff, but adds a new faction to the game, plushy nightmare goats called The Stuffkin!

Gruff: Stuff Of Nightmares - Kicktraq Mini

Flying Meeple 2018 Releases: Dig Dog Dig + Roll & Seek!

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Support Flying Meeple's 2018 releases, a pair of games that are engaging and fun for the whole family!

Flying Meeple 2018 Releases: Dig Dog Dig + Roll & Seek! - Kicktraq Mini
Flying Meeple 2018 Releases: Dig Dog Dig + Roll & Seek!

"Earthos" Turn Based Strategy Board Game

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Earthos is a strategy-based space game. You will be commanding 1 of 6 alien races in order to expand your species’ reach throughout space. This is accomplished by occupying enemy territories, destroying enemy units and conquering other planets. In order purchase units and grow your empire, you will need to accumulate plasma, which is Earthos’ currency. To increase your starting plasma total, you must move throughout the map and occupy neutral and enemy territories with your military units.

Increasing the amount of plasma you receive every round will allow you to further grow your forces as well as research technologies that will allow your alien race to overpower your opponents. Earthos has many features, that will allow a unique and enjoyable experience each and every time.

Fireball Island - 80's Board Game, Reignited & Restored

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When we started Restoration Games, we asked you to tell us which games to bring back. The number one request, by far, was Fireball Island. After more than a year of hard work, we are thrilled to announce: Fireball Island is back!

Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar improves on the art, components, and game play of the original. If you loved the game as a child, you'll see we turned that "delightful chaos" up to the max. If you never played it before, you'll appreciate it as a fun, exciting game for kids, families, and gamers alike.

Fireball Island - 80's Board Game, Reignited & Restored - Kicktraq Mini


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Be the King of Kings. A strategic, asymmetrical game for 3-5 players.

Verrix - Kicktraq Mini

Magwa's Magic Item Compendium

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The Knights of Vasteel, creators of the popular NPC For Hire card deck, are back. This time with a deck of cards that is sure to impress treasure hungry RPG Players.

Meet Magwa's Magic Item Compendium, a deck of 52 magic item illustrations. Each card has been carefully hand-drawn to immerse game masters and players alike into a world of magic.

Magwa's Magic Item Compendium - Kicktraq Mini

CRISIS: The New Economy

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Build your empire in the dieselpunk world of Crisis! A campaign for the first expansion and a reprint of the deluxe edition.

CRISIS: The New Economy - Kicktraq Mini

Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden

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Your favorite anime princesses have returned in this new stand-alone expansion, Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden. Fairy Garden is the first set of this new block for the Heart of Crown Series. It introduces 30 new card types into the market, beautiful new artwork, and impish new abilities from the fairy realm.

You can play Fairy Garden by itself or combine it with any of your other favorite Heart of Crown sets, including the Heart of Crown base game!

Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden - Kicktraq Mini


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Designed by Andrew Nerger and Jeffrey Chin (Road To Infamy, Cosmocracy), Crypt is a light set collection game with a unique dice placement mechanic for 2 to 4 players with easy-to-learn rules and exciting strategic gameplay, all in 20 minutes. Check out the rulebook to learn more.

Plus, its compact size makes it easy to put in your pocket and take it anywhere!

Crypt - Kicktraq Mini

Battlecruiser Alamo RPG - An Era d10 Game

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Battlecruiser Alamo is a brand new roleplaying game based on the expansive and exciting universe described in the Triplanetary Confederation novels, particularly those of the Battlecruiser Alamo.

We are running this Kickstarter to help fund more of the amazing artwork that the readers of the book are used to. The Core Rulebook is a high quality, 220-page, full colour guide to the universe.

Battlecruiser Alamo RPG - An Era d10 Game - Kicktraq Mini

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is Going Bananas in 2018

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Since September of 2011, The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast has been creating highly produced audio podcasts about tabletop gaming.

Over the years we have expanded to 5 full length podcasts per month covering board games, role playing games and miniatures gaming. We've also produced audio dramas, video blogs and more. This fundraiser will ensure that the Cabal continues to produce all of this content and more over the next year!

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is Going Bananas in 2018 - Kicktraq Mini

Skull Dice Set - Exclusive Сase With 3D Technologies

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This is a continuation of the Skull Dice project. I invite you to support me because we have made many new products in this field and these are our technological achievements.

Our exclusive development of the scheme Skull Dice. The functional element that we consider through the eyes of the skull, as well as drawing lines and headbands, is the designer's invention. We came up with new boxes for our kit. Hope you enjoy it while playing Board games!

Skull Dice Set - Exclusive Сase With 3D Technologies - Kicktraq Mini

Kingdoms of Erden: King of the Mountain: Elven Expansion

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Hi! I'm Tim Olinger, Creator of Kingdoms of Erden: King of the Mountain. King of the Mountain is a faction set-collection strategy card game similar to UNO except you're trying to collect cards, instead of getting rid of them. Each faction card has a special ability and a number rank.

In the game, you'll attempt to defeat a champion to become the new "king" of the mountain. You'll also collect rewards for staying on top. You'll collect faction members of the same faction to gain victory points that will let you take the mountain by storm, proclaiming your factions dominance.

Your characters will claim victory over the kings mountain and gain fame and glory for however briefly they can retain the position of victor against future challengers. Use strategy and build a strong faction hand to take the mountain by force and proclaim your chosen factions dominance or simply outlast your opponents.

Kingdoms of Erden: King of the Mountain: Elven Expansion - Kicktraq Mini

Hamsters of Panama

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Welcome to our land! We are glad that you have come! Who are we?! Try to guess… Small, furry and smelly.. “Beavers from a mud hole” you say? Ha ha! Nice try! We are cute and smelly at the same time - we are hamsters, Hamsters of Panama. Nice to meet you!

Why are we here? We need your help to escape from a rainy and boring village to a sunny and funny paradise island called Panama.

Hamsters of Panama - Kicktraq Mini

RPG Dice Set Bag - A Great Dice Bag That You Can Assemble!

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Last year our amazing backers helped us bring both the standard Board Game Bag 2.0 and Board Game Bag Mega version to life and now we're back with a new unique design product – the RPG Dice Set Bag.

RPG Dice Set Bag - A Great Dice Bag That You Can Assemble! - Kicktraq Mini

Rice Dice - A Spirits Of The Rice Paddy Dice Game For 1-5

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Rice Dice is a streamlined dice game version of Spirits of the Rice Paddy. Players familiar with that game will feel at home with Rice Dice. New players will find Rice Dice to be a great introduction to its big brother.

Roll the custom dice and choose one action based on the results.

Rice Dice - A Spirits Of The Rice Paddy Dice Game For 1-5 - Kicktraq Mini

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

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Street Fighter®™: The Miniatures Game is an exciting new high quality pre-painted miniatures game!

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game - Kicktraq Mini

Halls Of Legend - Castle Poster Map Set

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This is a map-building project larger than any I've attempted before: a set of poster maps that let you build an enormous castle section-by-section for use with tabletop RPGs and miniatures games.

As funding for this project grows, so will your castle: new sections will be unlocked and added to the available rewards via stretch goals, revealing new iconic castle set-pieces lavishly illustrated and ready for your gaming table!

Halls Of Legend - Castle Poster Map Set - Kicktraq Mini
Halls Of Legend - Castle Poster Map Set

Retro 1E & 5E Fantasy Mini-Adventure Set

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With this special week-long Kickstarter we are trying to finish up these three mini-adventures to expand on the events that will take place in beginning with Folio #20. We also hope that if you are simply looking for some cool encounters for characters level 10+, these adventures will fill that void.

What are in the mini-adventures? Each mini-adventure is roughly 10 encounter points in a scenario that blends in with the main Folio adventure it corresponds to (in this case, the pre-adventure for the beginning of The Curse of Roslof Keep super-campaign). This includes maps, and statistics in both classic AD&D and 5th Edition D&D. However, these can also easily work as stand alone encounters for other ongoing campaigns. They are designed for 4-6 characters from levels 10+.

Retro 1E & 5E Fantasy Mini-Adventure Set - Kicktraq Mini

Halflings - A Class of Their Own

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Halflings - A Class of Their Own - is a set of 16 Male and Female Miniatures of different Character Classes for all your Fantasy Games.

Halflings - A Class of Their Own - Kicktraq Mini
Halflings - A Class of Their Own

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