The Plague of Deadzone Spreads in Its Final Week

May 27, 2013 by dracs

It is the final week of the Deadzone Kickstarter and Mantic are pressing towards some exciting stuff in these final days, the first of which are the terrifying Plague Zombies!

Plague Zombies

These are the poor unfortunates infected with the plague and will be ranging from the infected scientists and civilians to infected corporation soldiers.

Yet it is not just humans who must fear the plague. Mantic recently unveiled the reptilian looking Teraton, along with a concept sketch of what could happen if the plague got to it.


Plague Teraton

Yet Mantic have also shown off something far more rare and far more dangerous. The only Judwan assassin ever to have existed.


Turned into a killer through barbaric methods, the being known as Wrath is the most wanted sentient in the galaxy. Something to do with murdering one of Council of Seven and taking their ceremonial blade.

Now is your last chance to enter the Deadzone, head to the Kickstarter and pledge your support.

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