Undead Take Over Deadzone in the Contagion Expansion

October 10, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Deadzone just got deader! Or more dead? Or undead?...In any order, now zombies have entered the Mantic world of Deadzone with the Contagion expansion!

DZ Contagion

In the crazy fun world of Deadzone, zombies have overrun the streets and the characters involved are just trying to survive! Each faction has to find their own way to survive and overcome the rising threat of the zombies. The expansion also offers a whole new level of play- solo play! Now you can enjoy the world of Deadzone on your own and try out new tactics with your faction against the undead with this added rule set.

DZ Zombies

The expansion gives you: the rule book, the zombie rules, AI rules, and AI card deck, 30 zombies, 4 sprues of Ruined Battlezones scenery, 30 25mm bases and 3 Mantic Points! What's not to love?

Will you be trying to survive among the droves of undead?

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