The Deep Wars Starter Sets Are Revealed

July 25, 2012 by brennon

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We have seen a lot of concept art from the world of Deep Wars by Anti-Matter Games and now it is all coming together with a look at what their starter sets are going to consist of. Check out the different factions and their models below...

Ancients of Atalan Starter Box

Dark Mariners Starter Box

Fortune Hunters Starter Box

Scaly Horde Starter Box

So all this lovely art now has a place! I think my faction would have to be the Fortune Hunters simply because of the similarity to Bioshock and such. To be fair though, any of these factions would be a superb addition to a miniature collection.

Read more about Deep Wars on the ShadowSea Blog.

I can't wait to see the boards people come up with. After all, how do you create a sea scape on the tabletop?

Which is your favourite faction?

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