Two More Teams Start Training for Dreadball

April 7, 2013 by dracs

Season 2 of Dreadball is on the horizon and we have just got our first glimpse at two of the new teams which will be appearing to play. Get cheering for the Robots and Z'zor!

Mantic - Z'zor vs Robots

The middle player in the above picture is one of the insectoid Z'zor of the Locust City Chiefs.

Mantic - Locust City Chiefs

"Of the various alien races that grace the DreadBall pitches across the Corporation, the Z’zor are one of the most worrying to watch. If normal insects look a bit odd and move a bit strangely, the Z’zor have all that in far more abundance than leaves most humans comfortable. They move wrong, their body language is wrong and they can stop so suddenly and so completely that you have to blink to check that you aren’t looking at a still picture."

He is surrounded by the Robot players of the Chromium Chargers.

Mantic - Chromium Chargers

"DreadBall’s rules state very clearly that a player must play as a single position, but they never considered that someone could change from one to another within a match. The robots can. They troop out onto the pitch as Jacks, but at the whirr of a servo they can change to a Striker or a Guard, avoiding any infringement of the letter of the rules by only ever being a single role at a time, but the spirit of the rules is ridden over roughshod. And the crowd loves it."

We have also been given a glimpse at a star player for the Judwan, another new team of aliens who will be appearing in the next season release. Prepare to cheer for Mee'Kel Judwan, star striker and heir to the Judwan throne.

Mantic - Mee'kel Judwan

From the images and concepts we have seen the new teams and miniatures which will be appearing in the game of Dreadball soon are top notch, sure to entice players both new and old.

I find myself very interested in what rules these new teams may have, with their fluff hinting at some intriguing possibilities. They will certainly open up new tactics and opportunities for players on both sides of the pitch.

Are you ready to play ball?

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