More Heroes & Villains For The D&D Collectors Series!

June 20, 2014 by brennon

Two new sets have arrived for Gale Force Nine's Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Series. This time they're getting piratical with a dashing swashbuckler called Anton Marivaldi and then heading into the snowy mountains to join Kessell's Band...

Anton Marivaldi #1

Anton Marivaldi #2

First up we have Anton running into battle with his twin swords flashing and then the more sedated Umara probably can't handle herself in a fight. I do like his drive - plunder comes first - that's pretty awesome. Miniature wise the actual sculpt isn't too bad although his face is a little strange in my opinion. It looks like it's been squashed together.

Kessell's Band #1

Kessell's Band #2

As well as that we have Kessell's Band that take a more evil slant on things. In this case it appears as if a few Dwarfs might have gone astray and as well as fashioning weapons from tainted materials they are teamed up with some creepy looking fellows. This is a much better set in my opinion, and not just because it has Dwarfs in it!

What do you think?

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