Euphoria Look To IndieGoGo To Get Their Game Going

July 1, 2013 by brennon

You might remember that last week I took a look at the awesome new miniatures from Euphoria and it turns out they were all leading up to an IndieGoGo campaign that has just started. They are looking to get their game off the ground...

Doc Chastas

J. Scauter

Mycky Concept

Above you can see some of the miniatures that have already been sculpted and a concept piece for another in the works. These guys certainly do make some great looking and characterful pieces and I suggest checking out the fundraising page for Arendal too.

The funding will help them put together a rulebook, starter miniatures and all the components you need to play with too. I think they are well worth supporting, especially as one of the little guys surrounded by giants!

What do you think?

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