The Mighty Arena Rex Send Viatrix Out To Fight!

October 15, 2013 by brennon

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Arena Rex have been showing off some awesome gladiators of late and yesterday was no different. Viatrix has been called to the arena and she has stepped out onto the sands to carve her name into history and her enemies flesh!

Viatrix (Front)

Viatrix (Side #1)

Viatrix (Side #2)

Viatrix (Rear)

As you can see she is quite the female gladiator. I love the design of the helmet and the wings at its top remind me so much of the bronze they probably would have made it out of. It just 'feels' like the material. If it's feathers then they are fluttering in the motion of the jump!

I'm also a big fan of what others have commented on and that being the muscle work, especially that abdomen. To me that looks right on the money. I reckon this must be what Sophitia would look like if she actually spent some real time in the arena.

What do you think of her?

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