UPDATED! Joan of Arc £666k Stretch Goal Exclusive From Mythic Games

October 17, 2017 by thisisazrael

The team at Mythic Games have been paying close attention to all the feedback from their community and backers of the Time Of Legends: Joan of Arc campaign after the release of The Beasts of Revelation stretch goal, as there were some mixed views on the sculpted design.

While the sculpt was not unanimously welcomed, one thing was for certain though; the art for The Beast was incredibly well received.

So the Mythic Games team has listened to your feedback and, in under 24 hours, have gone back to the drawing board and released this epic new concept art!

I feel like this new design really captures the ferocity, wingspan and truly massive proportions of The Beast really well indeed.

I must admit I'm really happy to see companies taking on feedback at any time but to see it received and turned around so quickly was really epic.

What do you think of this new concept?

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Time Of Legends: Joan of Arc from Mythic Games is powering through stretch goals and now, at the time of writing, only £40k away from the magical £666k funding point!

"Why is 666 magical Az?" you may ask.

Well, we all know the number of the beast and BoW have got an exclusive reveal of the amazing treat backers will get for reaching this goal!

Say hello, to the BEAST OF REVELATION!

Every single core box is going to get The Beast added for free!

That's alongside 93 other miniatures included from the stretch goals so far, also free for backers.

As you might expect, The Beast is part of the Unholy Army for the game.

"He’s a giant, flying, multi-headed emissary of Evil who will require many angels or a small army to stop". Says it all really.

For anyone familiar with Mythic Battles Pantheon, Léo let us know that The Beast is bigger that Atlas..... the titan.

Here you can see how he stacks up beside some of the 15mm scale miniatures.

If you haven't checked out the Time Of Legends: Joan of Arc Kickstarter yet you can click here to see all the details.

Would you side with the unholy Beast or it's Angelic nemeses to take him down?

"He’s a giant, flying, multi-headed emissary of Evil who will require many angels or a small army to stop"

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