TerrainFest 2023 Begins! Spend A Month Building Terrain With OnTableTop & Win A Prize!

October 1, 2023 by crew

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Join us this October for a month of wargame terrain-building fun using our Project System! We hope our TerrainFest 2023 will inspire and motivate you to elevate the quality of your gaming tables and that by the end of the month, you won't be playing with shoebox houses and books stuffed under gaming mats!

While many of us dedicate significant time to painting our armies, the landscapes we wage battles on often get overlooked. We hope TerrainFest will ignite your passion for crafting and painting terrain, motivating you to craft epic battlefields that complement your formidable armies!

What Types of Terrain Can You Create?

In short, you're free to create anything you desire for any genre of tabletop game.

We're opening up TerrainFest to all kinds of terrain making. You might opt to craft a plethora of scatter terrain pieces to adorn your gaming board, providing essential cover against incoming fire. Alternatively, you could embark on crafting a complete tabletop landscape teeming with houses, woods, fields, and more. Even if you decide to focus on a single terrain piece and complete it over the month, that's a commendable goal that could become a standout feature during your next tabletop escapade.

We eagerly welcome all forms of terrain-making processes, whether it's assembling off-the-shelf kits, crafting kit-bashed marvels, utilizing 3D printing or laser cutting, or simply engaging in a creative session of piecing together odds and ends with a fresh coat of paint.

Whether it's the tiniest piece of scatter terrain or the grandest castle build, TerrainFest is there for you to get involved in and we eagerly await the inspiration your unique projects will bring!

How Can You Get Involved?

Participation is a breeze! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a FREE account on the OnTableTop website.
  2. Create a project in our Project System. For a shortcut to the Add Project Page, Click Here.
  3. When creating your project, use the category "TerrainFest 2023" which you'll find under the Related Contest Filter.
  4. Build, paint, and share your terrain project throughout October, from the 1st to the 31st.

TerrainFest can be as simple or as intricate as you desire. Just spend the month of October making your tabletops look awesome and hopefully, by the end of it, we'll all have some excellent terrain to use in all manner of wargames.

You Could WIN Our Astounding Prize!

OnTableTop will also be joining in the festivities. Throughout the month, we will be showcasing the creation of a tabletop adorned with Warhammer 40K terrain and YOU have the chance to win a bundle of all the terrain used in the videos.

Our Prize Bundle Includes...

  • Battlezone Fronteris: Nachmund
  • Orks: Big ‘ed Bossbunka
  • Sector Imperialis Ruins
  • Battlezone Mechanicus: Galvanic Magnavent
  • Sector Mechanicus: Sacristan Forgeshrine

In early November, the OnTableTop team will select ONE winner based on the most captivating and engaging project that catches our attention. So, be sure to document your progress with plenty of photographs. and the winner will then get their hands on our HUGE bundle of terrain!

Share TerrainFest On Social Media!

As well as sharing your work via OnTableTop in the Project System, you can get involved on social media and get more people to take part.

Share On Social Media - #TerrainFest

Copy & Paste These Links On Social Media

Share TerrainFest:
https://bit.ly/Join-TerrainFest-2023 -

Share The Trailer:

Head onto Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram and more using the hashtag #TerrainFest and let's make this an epic showcase of terrain building.

Promotional Images For You To Share

You can also share images that we've provided in order to help us promote TerrainFest and get it out there into the wider wargaming world!

Start plotting your creative endeavours and get involved!

"...by the end of it, we'll have some excellent terrain to use in all manner of wargames"

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