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Evil summoned spirits for Frostgrave (sculpted, printed & painted)

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    Hi fellas,

    Got into Frostgrave in a big way and loving it so far. Decided that I want to play summoner, and as I use the woodland indian kit from Warlord Games as the base of my posse, I needed some fitting demons or spirits to go with the theme. I found some that I liked online, but eventually decided to sculpt them myself. I sculpted them with ZBrush and printed them with my SLA printer.

    I needed three evil spirits of different size to be able to field whatever spirit my shaman might invoke. The small one is a Jackalope, which might look harmless enough from afar, but small stature aside it is still deadly. The lizard is a Chupacabra, stalking all your babies and livestock in the shadows. The largest one is my Wendigo, the poor unfortunate soul who tried to save himself from starvation by eating a fellow man, only to be cursed. Eternally roaming the cold, eternally hungry – some say when a Wendigo catches you it will mourn you if you were a good man. It may even start to cry and sob. Regardless of its sorrow, he still needs to feed.



    Really nice. I would‘ve given the arms of the wendigo more definition but overall I really like those sculpts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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