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Hobby Weekender 03/08 – Everycowboy sings a sad, sad song.

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    Hobby Weekender 03/08 – Everycowboy sings a sad, sad song.



    Something a little different this time eh? Im going to copy and paste the basic blurb for this thread as quiet frankly, it doesen’t need to be phrased differently each and every time 🙂


    Welcome to the hobby weekender, a place where anyone is welcome. This is a collaborative, chatty thread. Not an exclusive thing or elitist. Please join in and enjoy a friendly welcome. Main rules are don’t be a dick, engage with others, and do not discuss religion or politics. Post your progress, answer questions, chat to people, post up some music, and enjoy the show. Points get awarded and we have a sort of winner at the end.

    Thanks for reading!

    (1) Favourite historical genre for wargaming, and if you don’t, and I pushed you for an answer, what would it be?

    (2) Science fiction or Fantasy, and why? This could be movie, RPG, board game, computer game or tabletop related. You decide.

    (3) What mainstream, acclaimed thing have you never gotten into or liked?

    (4) What brand and colour of paint are you fond of using lately?

    (5) Name something random and obscure related to gaming you like and feel is under appreciated. It could be a computer game, little known company, or anything that takes your fancy.



    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:


    ·         Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic)

    ·         Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation)

    ·         Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend)

    ·         Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes)

    ·         Pun-Tertainment (best pun)

    ·         Brush Licker (painting & terrain)

    ·         Headliner DJ (most eclectic music)

    ·         Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports)

    ·         Community Usher (helpful & engaged)

    ·         Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)


    And please don’t forget to post music! Nothing weird or annoying, please.


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    Hey @mage thanks for hosting once more. Dropping in a template topi header seems a wise idea. Regrettably need to disappear for a few minutes but will be back shortly with replies.

    Do I sense an 80’s hair metal theme this weekend? 😛 Let’s hope so, because ‘weird or annoying’ is pretty much all I listen to otherwise 😉


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    Hey everyone

    @evilstu Good old Diamond Dave . Brilliant live  in concert


    Favourite Genre would be ‘Dark Ages’. Fascinating period and shows the slow development of Europe as we know it today

    Fantasy wise I always like David Gemmel especially Legend. For sci-fi I love Space Opera especially the original Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. Any B movie from the 50’s is great as well.

    Not sure it’s mainstream but I’ve never liked Anime.


    Paint wise you can’t go wrong with any of Vallejo

    Not sure it’s obscure but in 40k Space Marines were designed by Priestley  to be the bad guys. Based on 2000AD’s Nemesis the Warlock and Torquemada’s troops in being Facist Totalitarian Xenophobes


    To reinforce my sci-fi answer






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    Well, one of those wierd weeks in that ive been busy but nothing happened out of the norm… well apart from having to fork out for new batteries for the wife’s mobility scooter, but hey it could have been worse.

    My pledge this week, fingers crossed, is to get stuck into the Joker Crew for Batman Miniatures game (minus Harley Quinn as she’s still travelling from Spain). A bit of a cheat though as I built the Crew in the week.


    Right on to the questions.

    1) Mmmm it has to be a toss up between Viking Age and World War 2…. I guess i’m leaning toward Viking Age more.

    2) another Mmmmmm only longer. I love both Genre’s really but I think Fantasy takes it for me. Dragons, Wizards, Barbarians, elves, Dwarves and the Evil Necromancer (always seems to have a droopy tash and dodgy eyebrows), whats not to love ?

    3) Ok this is a sort of cheat answer, but I think it should be mentioned. Apart from the Original Trilogy (4,5,and 6) I have no love or hankering to watch the Star Wars Movies anymore. Episodes 1,2 and 3 were dull and although i’ve seen them, they never grabbed me and made me want to watch them again and there was just no excitement at all for 7 and 8.

    4) this one’s a bit easier. I really like Coat d Arms paints although I must admit I haven’t bought any for a while. Colourwise I’m quite fond of their Wizard Blue.

    5) 30mm Blank Acrylic discs. So many uses, Wound Markers, objective Markers, objective bases, flicking accross the table at Matty…….


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    OK, back to reply properly… First up, question responses:

    (1) Favourite historical genre for wargaming, and if you don’t, and I pushed you for an answer, what would it be?

    I’m really liking the look of Sharp Practice at the moment, and have started painting up a bunch of Napoleonics to mess around with it. Appreciate this doesn’t really answer the question given Sharp Practice works with most conflicts for the 18th and 19th centuries (and there were a lot…). I could see myself getting into medieval or dark age gaming in a big way – it’s basically fantasy gaming without the wizards and elves. WWII does strike me as interesting and I think if I was going to game anything more modern that is probably what I’d go for, but I’d personally probably add more of a ‘Hollywood’ feel to the games to make them a little less realistic and add another degree of separation between the gaming table and the gravity of the events that transpired in real life. Hmm.. I’m kind of sitting on the fence a bit here apparently… OK, I’ll say Black Powder era as favourite as that is the one I have committed to most fully with regard to gaming progress, but with a caveat that there are a few other periods I would be keen to check out.

    (2) Science fiction or Fantasy, and why? This could be movie, RPG, board game, computer game or tabletop related. You decide.

    I probably have slightly larger leanings towards fantasy but I will happily dable in both camps. RPG’s tend to be on the fantasy side, as do most of the board games I play. Only real card game we play is Star Saga (A quick 2 player Sci-Fi deck builder – it’s seriously good fun). PC games are a mix and tabletop a mix again with a preference towards fantasy. Having said all that, with the advent of so many newer easily accessible sci-fi games (Starfinder and Kill Team, with Wrath and Glory and Core Space on the way) I could see the balance shifting somewhat.

    (3) What mainstream, acclaimed thing have you never gotten into or liked?

    Heaps. Most music. Collectible card games have never appealed to me personally – I can understand the appeal but I’ve just never been hooked (A fact for which my wallet is grateful 😉 ). A lot of TV cop dramas -if I care about the main characters or if they are at least interesting then well and good, otherwise I don’t need to see homicides rolled out week after week for no apparent reason…). Disaster movies that don’t involve a guy in a rubber dinosaur suit (and the ones that do you go into with the expectation they will be beyond terrible anyhow). Badly written fiction etc etc. Having said that the stuff I do like most other people wouldn’t get so I’m not going to be critical of others for what they enjoy.

    (4) What brand and colour of paint are you fond of using lately?

    I’ve been smiling at John’s use of Cavalry Brown on the VLogs lately as that has been my favourite colour for a few years (it is just ridiculously versatile and a great looking colour). Just picked up some Death Guard green yesterday and am keen to give that a goa as I really like the shade.

    (5) Name something random and obscure related to gaming you like and feel is under appreciated. It could be a computer game, little known company, or anything that takes your fancy.

    Anvil Industries. They do amazing work.



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    @torros thanks for the nostalgia hit  – when I was a kid the only cool shows on TV were Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica. I do weep inside when I see what my niblings watch nowadays… Anime isn’t for everyone, is very hit and miss, but when you do discover something you like it can be amazing. Space Opera is one genre that tends to be covered quite well. Didn’t know that about Space marines but it does help add context to the earlier design aesthetic.

    @biggabum Joker crew look good, keen to see how you get on with them. Have you seen Rogue One? I didn’t mind that one. Then again, it was set within the timeframe/context of the original trilogy so that might have assisted with my immersion a little. Poor Matty, does he ever just bat the discs back across at you?

    Hobby pledge – will work on some assorted terrain projects, progress my Terrain Challenge entry a little and hopefully get some paint down on my Napoleonics (Just going for a tabletop standard with an Army Painter dip finish – true scale 28mm are just that little bit harder to paint I find).


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    @evilstu thanks. really not sure how to go about the clown faces, I guess I’ll dig into my years of experience and tried and tested techniques…. and just wing it.

    Yeah Rogue One was ok, but like you I think thats because it was set during the original trilogy (and it had the added bonus of the mission actually being mentioned in A New Hope). I haven’t watched Solo though. Personally, I think the character should have been left well alone. I think what made harrison Ford’s Han so edgy was that mystique around him and his past.

    Oh yes, many a game has ended in a blue disc cricket match, ive finished plenty of cups of tea and found a blue disc staring at me from the bottom of the mug…..


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    Okay guys,


    I deliberately let the thread grow for a while so I did not spam it too hard. This is my own post before I go about hosting. Firstly, here is some music:







    My pledge:


    è Work on my batch of Ogres (Ogors, specifically the Gutbuster faction for Age of Sigmar).

    These are 4x Iron Guts (armoured Elites), 6x Bulls (standard ogre, which is to say powerful monstrous infantry) and a Butcher (gut magic wielding ogre mage/butcher). I have my son this weekend as well as social obligations which means that my free time outside of those will be dedicated to hosting as my hobby time will be at a premium. That and I do not like having sharp tools, glue, and spray paint around and out when he is up to visit.


    è The second part of the pledge will be to work on the little forum post mini articles I posted up last week. They need work. My week was flat out with training, friends, work and car stuff.


    (1)  Favourite historical genre for wargaming, and if you don’t, and I pushed you for an answer, what would it be?


    (2)  Science fiction or Fantasy, and why? This could be movie, RPG, board game, computer game or tabletop related. You decide.


    (3)  What mainstream, acclaimed thing have you never gotten into or liked?


    (4) What brand and colour of paint are you fond of using lately?


    (5) Name something random and obscure related to gaming you like and feel is under appreciated. It could be a computer game, little known company, or anything that takes your fancy.


    My Answers:


    1.       I’m not into historicals. I do have a K47 army. If someone put a gun to my head, I would say Ancient Greece and Rome, purely because I love that period of history. It just seems so cool; warfare in the ancient world where myth and gods were part of every day life.


    2.       For me I change. Sometimes I go through a phase. Purely for the whole questing and the hobbit and lotr flim trilogies I will have to say Fantasy just about wins out. Though I love sci-fi. There is so much good stuff out there, and that all extends into tabletop.


    3.       NCIS. Rubbish group of TV shows.


    4.       Dryad Bark, a citadel base paint. Better consistency than Rhinox hide as a brown basecoat, which I find odd at times. Boring but practical for wood and leather as a basecoat and anything else one might need. A handy little paint.


    5.       I would not say its obscure or even underrated, but I do not think Arcwrolde from Warploque miniatures does not get half the exposure it deserves. I might do a few articles on this. Im tempted to set up my own youtube channel too on gaming.




    Ok, time to divvy out points and respond to posts. Not quite in that order.


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    And there I was thinking you were actually getting some well-earned sleep in @mage 🙂



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    Mornin guys.

    Hot sticky night…. No sleep….painted Joker….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




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    @evilstu <10 points>


    You are welcome. 10 points for each song, some fine music. Yeah, I don’t intended on doing a template all the time but a lot of the time. 80s? I did post some more 80s myself, kinda.


    I think the Space Marines were meant to be the Sci-fi counterpart of Chaos Warriors back then, too.



    @torros <65 points>


    Interesting point on the Dark Ages. Please try and answer with the numbered points if you can as it makes it easier for me to go through five or six odd peoples 5 answers. Helps my eyes, too.


    40 points for the first four answers. I enjoyed reading them. Interesting factoid about 40k which I never knew and really like, so 20 points for that.


    5 points for the Flash Gordon music.



    @biggabum <40 points>


    Joker crew is looking good. No points for now as that was the same stage they were at in the previous thread which I did give points for.



    Best of luck with the scootering. Best of luck working away on the crew. Why did you order Harley from Spain?


    1) 5 points, elaborate more on it 🙂

    2) Dragons, Barbarians and Evil Necromancers are always a valid bonus. 10 points.

    3) Cheat answers are valid: these are opinions. A valid way to feel about Star Wars. While it is an interesting universe to tell stories or play games in, the prequel trilogy was bad, and acclaimed that way. To me it felt like it had no heart. As for Force Awakens and Last Jedi, they were a reboot/clone and crapfest respectively; conversely lacking in soul where the prior trilogy released lacked in heart. I will say Rogue One was Amazing and would advise you to watch that. 10 points.

    4) 10 points. I heard chatter that the GW paints from before the current line launched were all repotted Coat D’Arms colours.

    5) 5 points, pragmatic and practical.


    Ah, I see from scrolling down you saw Rogue One. Also here is a thing on painting Harley Quinn. Haven’t watched all of it. Hope it helps with the Clown Face painting. I checked youtube for ‘painting miniature clown face’ and it had actualy face painting and make-up be the overwhelming majority of the results, so go figure.



    @evilstu (again) <60 points>


    (1)  Sharp Practice was mentioned around BoW a few times, it is quite good no?  I like the point you make on medieval gaming; I’d say something similar about Greece and Rome with gods, Minotaurs and stuff. But you could go the other way and Fantasy that up better.  Black Powder could be cool too (Warhammer fantasy Empire without the fantasy parts haha).


    (2) I’d happily dabble in both also. Star Saga sounds fun. Cards games never held my interest.


    (3) TV cop dramas are… everywhere, always. Lots of main stream crap you named there, haha.


    (4) You cant argue with versatility. Death Guard is not something I am familiar with. To google!


    (5) Ah I am familiar with them, they do have some very nice stuff.


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    No, not tonight. Soon though. Ill be going radio silent from here around 08:00 for a few hours.


    @biggabum <25 points>


    Sticky? Eeeeew.


    Joker is looking quite dapper. You fired him out pretty quickly. I know you said painting isn’t your ‘bag’ but I think this DC comics stuff is activating your creative muse, no?



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    @mage You just gotta love Vikings 😀 Nah in all seriousnes, most everybody knows how much influence the Romans had on our culture but the Vikings did their fair share too. I’m not just on about the Viking Raiders who pretty much forced us to up our Military game, but the Viking settlers in East Anglia (the Danelaw) and even the Viking settlers in France (The Normans). They all brought various Laws and things that surpassed the oft outdated Roman ways of doing things, and many of their Laws still stand today in some form or other.

    I know the popular image of the Viking is a huge fur clad warrior gripping a massive Battle Axe but in truth they were traders, farmers and explorers too, discovering far off lands way before the guys who unfairly get the credit for discovering them. This opens up a shedload of gaming ideas and “What If” scenarios like Vikings fighting against Native Americans,  Chinese Dynasties or pretty much anybody that was active circa 450-1100 Ad.

    Oh and Matty wanted Classic Harley Quinn and I couldn’t get it from my Go To retailers (Element, Firestorm, Dark Shere or Wayland) so ordered it direct from Knight Models


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    @biggabum nice paint job. Is that a ‘Killing Joke’ joker? There are so many iterations of all the characters and I’m not overly familiar with DC… Regardless he does look particularly malevolent… Roll on the rest of the crew 🙂

    @mage yes really liking Sharp Practice as a rules set – a nice balance between being elegant and realistic. And the heavy narrative focus keeps things a lot lighter than they otherwise might have been in some of these settings. There are 3 Playthroughs on the BoW site, all very entertaining. Ha yes, now that you mention it I could see ancients with fantasy units thrown in to bring them back to a fantasy setting, so I guess it works both ways. That is pretty much how I used to field my Empire army back in 6th ed – lots of core infantry backed up by a few artillery pieces and maybe some cavalry, but no wizards, beasties or magical whistles and bells. Of course I got steamrolled most of the time 🙂 Good fun though.

    Spent most of the morning agonizing over Kill Team and what to pick up (I have a wonderful ability to get buyers regret before expending any funds… 😛 ). Finally pulled the trigger on just the core set. I have the dark Imperium box set so between that and the Kill Team starter should have the makings of four forces. What I’m really hoping to use this for is to play a small scale, almost city fight verison of the armageddon campaign. I loves that storyline but I was never going to paint up 2000 Orks hundreds of guards and tanks and a few chapters of Space Marines. As it stands I can hopefully do a small Ork force, some Salamanders, Blood Angels, Black Templars and Steel Legion and I’m done and dusted 🙂

    In preparation for that arriving I assembled the 7 Plague Marines form the dark Imperium box set and got them primed. Took surprisingly long to do… Also primed some more bits for my Terrain Challenge project (Just a few more to go…) and the wooden hoardings from my barbican/city wall (Refer below).


    Also made some progress on my French Historicals.


    As you can probably see I need to get some stuff off my painting bench. So tomorrows plan will be to base the grimbright goblins in the background and maybe get a wash on the Bretonnian archers in the above photo, plus my redcoats. Finally, want to greenstuff and glue the tower sections together for may wall and time permitting, get that lot primed.

    Printing some bits and pieces of siege equipment and a few other things queued up I need to finish but will then switch over to printing some ruins/buildings for when Kill Team arrives…


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    this weekend i will be working on my guard kill team






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