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    “O, that this too too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew!”

    Welcome to the original, unoffical, and completely accidental “weekender”. It may be slightly different to what you have been used it, if you are a regular, and a massive shock if you have never taken part before. However, you have no need to fear. Read all the instructions and you will be fine. It is as easy as that. Hey, come on in.

    [Take a deep breath if you are going to continue…]

    First of all you must make a “pledge”. Your “pledge” can be anything hobby related. Big or small. Paint an entire company of Soviet troops or finish those two bases. It gets better – you don’t even have to finish it. No, you just enjoy the journey and watch the world drift by as we waffle utter mince.  Accompany your work with a few pictures as proof. This is your time to show-off so make sure you really go for it. It is encouraged here.  All comments, advice, and abuse is welcomed.

    Please note that No Pledge = No Play. Feel free to say “hi”, but this is not really a voyeristic endevour.

    To get everyone chatting it is good to have some questions. When I was younger I would have used a towel and some hot sand, but as you get older you mellow a bit.  No short answers either.  You are not “txtn y brv” or some other excuse for discourse. This is supposed to be conversational and it gets things going.  If this is your very first time it may seem a bit weird, but it really isn’t. Well, it is, but we just keep it a secret – like when you were a boy scout! The idea is that it gives you a chance to tell everyone who you are and then we have more to talk about.

    1. Tell me something you have watched since I have been away? A good series or a really awesome movie I can watch. None of the GoT’s hee-haw either. Remember where you are. I watched a series called “The Terror” and it was very absorbing. How’s about you? (I am also half-way through ‘Chernobyl’ and it is just like looking at a cow when you are passing by, outstanding it it’s field.

    2. How as your week been? Good or have you taken an Ak47 to work, again? Let it all out and tell everyone all about it. Being back at BoW has been a huge surprise to my week, especially doing this again. The weather has been too hot for me and my Puggies, but I have been tidying about and setting-up my new paint station. Everywhere smells of varnish.

    3. It is the summer! In the UK it is the start of the school holidays today and my wife has six weeks off. How about everyone else? Children to cope with or jetting off to foreign shores?

    4. Tell me about your very first girlfriend/boyfriend. My first holiday romance and then ‘real’ girlfriend were during the summer. What was the best thing about it and what did you do to make a fool of yourself?

    5. Since I have been away tell me a few things I will have missed. Were you David, but are now Davina? If you are new then tell us all some facts about you.

    6. Just a quickie…anyone thinking of a genre change? Do you fancy trying a sci-fi game when you have always played fantasy? Do tell, what and why.

    See, that was mostly painless.

    It is expected that all of your hard work is accompanied by mooziks. Only the best will do. Loud. Nae headphones either. Really, it should be at 11. While you are at it post us a playlist. Discovering new sounds was always one of my favourite things about this. No wuss/mock-rock. Tell us your music stories too…bands, groupies, and all the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll you can recal.

    Still here? Well done. You might get a few bumps and bruises, but it is well worth it. It’s good for the soul. If you think it’s a bit rough for a forum about “playing with toy soldiers” then take a teaspoon of cement and harden up. Think of it like a boot-camp.

    Scottish pub law is practiced here: No Politics & No Religion. If it helps along the conversation or it makes a better point then it is fine, but don’t take the piss or you’ll get the malkie. It’s traditional.

    All of the ‘rules’ are mutable. This is not a junta, more like a cult really. However, there is one rule that connot be changed or altered in any way…NO DICKS. Firms!

    After all this time I am bound to have forgotten something, but that is no excuse and you will still get the blame. With almost thirty months of sarcastic venom, boiling away to be released, you will be my target. Even with all of this happening it is expected that you behave like a gentleman at all times. This is very important when you carry yourself within polite company. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t blow your own trumpet, it is encouraged. Post some nice pictures you have taken, something you have drawn/written, or just share a story.

    Finally, after all of this time you might have to be retested! For those unaware of ‘the test’ it was used, in ancient days, to prove that you are worthy of being here. It will expose your personality for all to see and take the piss out of. Only the bravest need apply. @oriskany is maybe the only exception as he is a US Marine and I love Marines.

    So, is all of that totally clear? Do you think you have what it takes to call yourself a real “weekender”? You do…




    I also have a guest assistant today! We have to go and do a few chores and get some shopping, but we shall be back soon to see what is happening.

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    This is a blast from the past!  Anyway on with the show!

    Pledge – Ze Germans are coming… painting tiny infantry.  Have 19 on the bench and am going to get them finished this weekend.

    1. Currently I am enjoying Catch 22 on Channel 4.  Never read the book, but read plenty about the book, so can’t judge it in relation to that.

    2. Week has been fine, except it has started raining and I still have a garden fence to paint.  I’m also fed up hearing about golf.

    3. No kids and I don’t do hot weather.  I am going to a bootcamp in Beasts of War in August over the weekend of my birthday.  I hope there is a good cake shop in Coleraine.

    4. She is now a doctor of physics at some University somewhere, wasn’t that smart when she went out with me.  We did smoke cigars together.

    5. Just the same as ever except I decided to take a career break but can’t say much about it (they owe me money and have done nice things for new employees that I was waiting years for them to do for me…)

    6. I have changed the size of the models I’ve been painting this year from mostly 28mm to now 15mm with ze Germans and some 10mm fantasy.

    Some English Pagan/Folk Black Metal – from Newcastle I think.  From their second album, Domgeorn – it is a good album for the time and genre, always had a wee soft spot for it.





    UJWE Back 01

    Holy crap, look who’s back!?!?  This is awesome.  Hello, sir!  It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been on this thread, so let me see if I am out of practice …

    Pledge: Oh God, where do I start.  Now first off, my “style” of hobby might be slightly different from many people’s, so bear with me.  Short version:  I am now part of the Sitrep Podcast, a small but fierce group of gamers who focus pretty much entirely on MODERN conflicts, call it post-1945.  I also run at least one, usually two wargames through the weekend on the web, often on Twitch.  So a lot of hex & counter stuff that can be easily virtualized on the web.  So for this weekend we have three main deliverables:

    a) Record with with @stvitusdancern to record Season Three Premiere of the Sitrep Podcast (Saturday morning)

    b) Run Darkstar with @damon in the UK and @rasmus up in Ohio.  That’ll be live on the web starting at 17:30 UK time tomorrow, ping me via PM if anyone wants to check it out.

    c) Run AirWar C21 with @elessar2590 in Australia on Sunday starting at 9:00 PM UK Time.  That’ll be live on web conferecne and also hopefully on the Sitrep Podcast  Twitch channel.  We’ll be doing jet dogfights over North Vietnam, 1967.  Think X-Wing only historical.

    1. Tell me something you have watched since I have been away? I actually enjoyed the History Channel series Texas Rising – it’s billed as how the Texas Rangers were founded but what it really presents is the unfolding of the Texian War of Independence after the fall of the Alamo.  Bill Paxton stars as Sam Houston (one of his last roles, sadly), Ray Liotta, lots of other good actors.

    2. How as your week been? – Trying to recover after five days at Historicon in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  We have 83 pieces of content up.  Check some of it out if you haven’t already.  😀

    3. It is the summer! – Summer is miserable here in Florida.  Heat, rain every day, and hurricanes.  We survive it, and look forward to the winter.

    4. Tell me about your very first girlfriend/boyfriend … what did you do to make a fool of yourself?  God, what didn’t I do to make a fool of myself?  I was new at that game, said a lot of things.  Both good and bad, but in both cases way over the top, everything was “end of the world hyperbole” in those days.

    5. Since I have been away tell me a few things I will have missed. – Well, I’m on the Sitrep Team now.  Check out out Youtube Channel if so inclined.  I’ve created video series call the “Ops Center,” where we talk about modern warfare from a gaming perspective.  So far I’ve done series on the Arab-Israeli Wars and the Falklands 1982.

    6. Just a quickie…anyone thinking of a genre change? – This week I’m doing sci-fi (Darkstar) and Moderns Historical (AirWarC21) – So I guess I’m already there!

    How have you been?  Very glad to see you back.  What kinds of hobby are you working on?  You mention the new painting station.  😀



    @robert – FIRST! You massive geek. 10pts. Geeks rule and geek girls even more! Do you have nother better to do?

    So, you still have a few Germans left to finish. Pictures? Ze Germans dropped a 1000lb bomb in my Auntie Kitty’s garden. When the UXB squad arrived they dug up her garden so they could sort it out. My grandmother, her best friend, said she was fizzing like a wasp in a jar about that. If my memory is right then her exact works were, “You can keep the bloody bomb and shove it up your arse, but were are my spuds?” I image the officer-in-charge had saute potatoes that night.

    Are they for FoW or do you play a decent game?

    1. I didn’t even know there was a TV series of Catch-22. The film is brilliant. You must read the book when you have finished watching the series. Without fail. What kind of world is this where you have read loads about the book, but not the actual book? Darren said I should have gone back to Scotia…5pts for at least reading.

    I am halfway through ‘The Invisible Man’ after listening to a radio programme about HGW. I haven’t read it for at least ten years so why not. In the bath I have been reading my “hospital book”. This the the book that is always in my emergency back-pack for all of my unplanned days-out. It is the best book I have ever read. It is called “I am a stranger here myself” by Ian Pattinson and is the life-story of Rab C. Nesbitt. Amazing book – even better than ‘Heart of Darkness’.

    2. What about Golf? Bloody stupid sport anyway…all sports are stupid and pointless. Bells and whistles for the hard of thinking. The pinacle of pointlessness is football! 5pts for your weeks work or £300000 if you are a brainless potato-head with a taste for curb-crawling for a chug.

    Is it golf ‘season’ or some reasonless competition of corporate promotions? Leave it to the dicks who would “ruin a good walk” rather than take in the nature all about them. Anyway, have you seen the way they dress? Fair enough, I used to wear a cloak and a top-hat when I was 14-15, but at least I didn’t look like a golfer. Tell me more.

    3. Envy is growing. 10pts. I wanted to attend the Infinity BC a while ago, but couldn’t make it. Another time. When is your birthday? Mine is quite close as is my parents wedding anniversary. How old?

    You need to have children at some point. They are so tasty! 5pts or 5yrs – i’m not sure which. I never had any intention of having children. Never went babysitting and I have no siblings. However, Heather is very ‘motherly’ and it was just the right think to do. They were both planned too. They are a pain in the arse when they get to 6-10, but it is worse later. They develop expensive tastes. However, the plus side is that if you raise them in the correct way they will shower you will love and minis when they get a good job! For father’s day Eve and Jamie bought me a portable spray booth. Conditioning rules.

    Girls are worse than boys. Especially for fathers. There really is a Daddy-Daughter thing. Daughters know this and it is good experience for controlling boyfriends later in life. They also know that they can ask to borrow £3000 to buy a car and you won’t say “no!” Well trained children also pay it back.

    I am not fan of hot weather or bright sunshine. Dracula gets more sunlight than me. I don’t mind sitting in the garden and watching the cats chasing bugs, but it has to be in the shade. If you have the amount of forehead that I have then you need the shade. 5pts.

    Where are you travelling from to get to Ireland?

    3. A PhD in physics is very sexy indeed. I was chatted up by a theology lecturer when I was an young undergraduate. She wanted to take me to Mexico to do “some research”. I was also sort of propositioned by another lecturer. I didn’t like his book though. 5pts.

    Smoking? Urrrgh. The vilest thing ever.

    I had my first ‘holiday romance’ during the week leading up to my 13th birthday. We were coming back down the coast from the west of Scotland, with our caravan, and we would take a week just stopping and exploring for a night-or-two. We stopped at a place called Dunbar, just over the Scottish border if you want to look it up. It was just a tiny spot behind a hotel, but it was a great place.

    We met a family from Fife, Burntisland to be exact, and the that was it. If anyone is from up there do you know Pauline Brand? We held hands and I even put my arm around her. That was a scary move. You would of thought I had to defuse Kitty’s bomb by the amout of sweat I was producing.

    My first ‘real’ girlfriend was really stunning. She had a smile that could make you forget where you were. To ask her out I wrote her a letter and delivered it by hand at 0430hrs in the morning. I got the letter through the slot without a peep, but as it hit the floor it also hit a massive Labrador called Honey. That dog could bark! I could also run.

    5. Does that mean you were sacked or couldn’t take their shit anymore? 10pts if it does. I am sort of glad I am retired. We have spent the last few months doing some ‘downsizing’. We had some houses we rented out, but come the end of the last tax year we got rid of them.

    What are your plans for the future? What do you want to do?

    6. I suppose a size change is the same thing. 5pts. I only started using 15mm minis in the last couple of years, but haven’t gotten too far yet. How much I can do depends on how I am feeling.

    Ragnarok are from Sweden I think. You might be right thought. A good band from close to Newcastle is Cathedral. They are from Berwick, but don’t hold that against them.




    @oriskany – it has been over two years since I have done it! However, it is like getting shot at…the traing kicks in. 100pts to see you.

    Your pledge is a bit shabby. Not much content, but i’ll let you off as it has been a while. For anyone unused to @oriskanys battle reports then they go beyond legendary. They are better than most movies you will see. Really. 10pts. I’ll be giving them a watch.

    All of this because there was a couple of trains delayed last weekend.

    1. I do like BP so might give it a look. I have two more episodes of Chernobyl to watch. It is very heavy, but unbelievably gripping.

    2. I will do…if there is that much time. 10pts. It is good to see you so immersed. In those pics you look so much like Steve Rothery!

    3. I suppose what I call “summer” would be a chilly day for you. We don’t get hurricanes. However, Heather is off for the summer holidays in 3 hours and she will be going through the house/garden like one.

    4. Were you using your “…going off the war” speech? My first kiss was both awesome and disasterous at the same moment. How do girls just know how to kiss? I did ask and the answer did nothig to settle me. I was informed that it is because they all kiss each other when they work on the farm! Stable girls rule.

    As a really shy person the girls always had to jump me.

    5. Well, as I have a little bit of interest in modern gaming I might give it a glance. 10pts.

    6. Is there a genre that you have never played? There must be one.

    Health wise I have been up-and-down. Pretty good for a while which is always good. Lost a bit more use of the left side, but nil desperandum. Still playing Infinity like a fiend and a few weeks ago I started working on some new stuff for FoF. Heather got me some new storage and a new paint station. It needs expanding already, but i’ll add a picture asap.

    Awesome to have you here! As always.




    Lunch time. Pork pie and Lucozade and a sit in the garden. Half of the pie will be savaged by the dogs, but I don’t really mind. A great start!

    However, I will leave you will some sounds…

    So cute!

    Such determination.

    Play nice and i’ll be back soon.

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 4 weeks ago by  unclejimmy.


    Oh, I almost forgot. I have this to splash some paint onto…




    @unclejimmy There will be pictures, I might even try and take good pictures!  Initially they are being painted up for FoW and the slow grow league they are running, but more likely they will get painted, stuck up in a project and then sit on a shelf gathering dust.

    I’ve read a lot about a lot of books I haven’t read.  1984 is another example, it is on the shelf, started it a few times but not finished it.  Moby Dick is another, and Frankenstein.  I have read Heart of Darkness, didn’t enjoy it and consequently couldn’t tell you much about it now, never really liked Rab C Nesbitt…

    There is golf in Portrush, something called the The Open.  Portrush, which isn’t far from Coleraine where BoW is located.  I’m on the same island and in the same country as BOW – probably 2 hours away, 3 with all the extra traffic probably.  Was it Churchill who said it “ruined a good walk”, I can never remember.   So that also answers your question of where I am travelling from for the bootcamp.  I’ll be 41 on 10th August… famous people who share my birthday include Charlie Dimmock, Roy Keane and Ian Anderson – i’m bad tempered, Irish, need to wear a bra but don’t, and don’t have to use a search engine to know who Jethro Tull is, so we have a lot in common.

    There will be no children for me, not passing my DNA on.  The world will be better off without it!  The Cigars were her idea, kissing her afterwards wasn’t pleasant.  We never got further than kissing though, shame as she had a nice bum!

    Never been sacked, I am normally good at whatever I do… No idea what I am going to do, I am an economics graduates with a specialism in Development Economics and gender inequality if you know anyone who is looking.  Never got a sexual proposition from any of my lecturers apart from being asked to work as a research assistant and another wanted me to do a Phd on the new way of macroeconomic modelling he was coming up with… no thank you!

    This Ragnarok are English, it is a popular band name.  Not as famous as Venom who definitely are from Newcastle.  I also like Cathedral.  I think I even have one of their t-shirts in a drawer.



    A bit shabby? *(?!?)  There’s like 20-30 hours of work in that pledge!  😀 😀 😀

    • Start Season Three of Ops Center – 10 hours minimum
    • Record Season Three Premiere of Sitrep Podcast – 2 hours
    • Build Darkstar Game – 2 hours
    • Run Darkstar Game (players on two continents) – 4 hours
    • Build AirWar21 game (including creating new counters) – 3 hours
    • Run AirWarC21 with Australia – 4 hours
    • 25 hours estimated.  No pictures yet, sure … because there it’s not yet done! 😀  I promise to post pictures as they go.


    Are our ladies both teachers?  @gladesrunner teaches 5th Grade.  So she’s off for the summer, except not … because she also runs summer camps for the kids.


    No, I did not use the “going off to war” line. 😀  By the time Gulf One rolled around I was already on like GF number 8.  Had to look around  while before I found one that would actually put up with me for more than 2-3 months.  No, the very first one I was just way too overdramatic in all the good ways and bad ways.  ” Oh, I love you!  I can’t believe the world existed before you showed up!  Oh my God, you’ve ruined my life!”  Hey, I was 16.  Late Cretaceous Period for those of you keeping track. 😀

    Once again, great to have you back.

    Building Vietnam content for the AirWarC21 game, so here’s the music for now …

    F-4 Wild Weasels!  Comin’ in hot!

    That motorcycle looks awesome!  Amazing detail.



    @unclejimmy The moustache on the rider of that motorcycle better be impressive!



    @unclejimmy Maverick or Desperado? And what about the bike?



    Greetings all! Just a quick message to get started because I have a busy weekend at work ahead of me. HOWEVER! I will be trying to get to slapping some paint on some Marines of the ‘Ultra’ variety, as I really need to get more of them done. That being said, I might paint a little Rupert for my Bolt Action instead, who knows? Working 40hrs then having to fit in a small research job, too, is a bit exhausting, but we shall overcome! Also, more building may be occuring; I still have 3 Carriers, 30 Paras, 5 Intercessors, 3 Aggressors, a Redemptor, and a partridge in a pear tree to build. I’ll try and be as much a part of the conversation as I can, however. Have some Battle Beast (I am quite the fan since my French friend introduced them to me)!



    @robert – the rider is a she you sexist pig! YOU DON’T LOVE RAB. C? Oh, you godless pagen. The entire essence of the universe is within those pages. How come?


    • This reply was modified 4 months, 4 weeks ago by  unclejimmy.


    @unclejimmy I am a godless pagan but I am not a sexist pig though, women can have moustaches as well… I hope she has an impressive one then 🙂  And I just never liked Rab C Nesbitt.  Never found it funny. Give me Allo Allo or Dad’s Army any day of the week!

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