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    I recently moved to “silly Idaho” (twin falls to be specific) as Gerry put it.

    I play more mini games than I’d like to admit, but I’m struggling to find games. My goal is to build a little gaming community.

    I have posted on many groups on Facebook offering demos of some of my favorite games. Nothing has come of it yet.

    Does anyone have any sage wisdom for me to help get people interested in the hobby?  Ideally suggestions other than just “solo gaming”



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    In general be open about your hobby, mention it at work or other meetups. Meetup is also a thing try hobby crossing here as well check the pen and paper and boardgaming groups. If there is a store near you offer to do demo games (unfortunately you will restrict yourself to games they can order and sell).  Check for churches and neighborhood associations with space, start a club. Schools, colleges and Universities are also a good starting point. If you play historic games you can also try local history groups. Veterans associations might also be a good pointer.

    All of this is a lot of work. Besides the churches I’ve done everything- I’d probably burst in to flames if I entered one.


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    I ran into some of the same when I relocated from the UK to Ohio – I did go to local cons, and I had a lot of luck with having the major US cons “near (in US terms)” me. Including Origins just 2 hours down the road in Columbus, 1st year I managed to find some locals with the same taste in games as me, that we try to arrange a meet up once a month or so.

    Random encounters where you bring up the hobby can also pay off, picking up the mail at the neighbor – and when mentioned in passing turn out he is a veteran tabletop and role player.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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