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Mantic discontinues The Walking Dead

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    they did a kickstarter update as well.
    Looks like the resin kits will be available for as long as possible, because they can always make more.
    The rest will be limited to whatever is left in stock.


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    And the resin isnt discounted



    Resin and mdf kits will be on back order untill 28.02. After that date you can be lucky but it is not guaranteed to get what you want. All products related to TWD will disappear from Mantic after 31.03. including the Manticpoint products. Lots of plastic kits that are sold out and dont get a last run. Perhapse local or online shops have some left. Because of the production cost increase and time consuming process resin kits do not have a discount.



    It’s true that The Walking Dead is based on a comic book, I’ll leave a link to Wikipedia. Maybe someone did not know – this is in order to avoid questions in the future. Link by itself –

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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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