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Paranoid miniatures closing shop

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    Just saw on paranoid miniatures Facebook page that they are pulling out of their current kickstarter and closing up shop.

    Thats a shame as their minis look nice, but had heard the Mythos game itself didn’t have much more to it than just attacking and as a result lacked staying power.

    All the same, still a real shame. Hopefully someone can pick up the game and turn it into something more successful.


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    That is truly a pity. But I must give props to them for making that sanity check and taking the consequences of the economic realities as they are and doing the right thing.

    …Not just clinging to hope until failure or bankruptcy takes everything away (including backers money) such as we have seen too many examples of already.

    They are offering the entire Mythos IP for sale; I as well hope they can wrangle a deal with someone in a position to make something out of it.


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    that really is a shame!

    I have always wanted to grab their minis.


    Guess I’ll have a look around E-bay to try and find them.


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    Sad times, but perhaps not a surprise. There are a lot of skirmish games around and  Kickstarter has given us all towering plastic/resin mountains. You could also factor in GW coming back from a slow death and it’s a very crowded market.

    Particularly a shame as I’d just seen the Sea Queen campaign on Youtube and was wondering about getting my Mythos minis washed and assembled.

    Credit to Paranoid for a successful initial Kickstarter, and for having the courage to call it off before concluding your second. You had a great idea, guys. You produced some lovely minis. Best of luck with the next venture.


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    Very sad news. Lovely range of miniatures in the spirit of Lovecraft but without slavishly copying his creations. I wish them well.



    They’re keeping the store open until the end of March to clear what stock they can if people needed things while they wind up.


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    @avernos – thanks for the info on the store still being open for the rest of the month.



    So glad I got their Goat a couple of years ago. He’s already sold out.

    There’s a couple more I might be interested in, but gotta wait till payday. Very nice minis.

    Thanks for the heads-up!



    Looks like I have totally  missed out, I had to back out of the first Kickstarter, and now the store looks to be shut down…. crushed. :S


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    a real shame, I actually own and have painted the entire range from Mythos, they are great minis.. I will continue to play the game and keep it alive in my own little way.

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