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When will the Sigmarines Splinter….

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    First, not a fan of AoS.

    Second, not up to date on all the lore.  My knowledge is second hand through a friend.

    I am just curious as when everyone thinks that GW will finally stop beating around the bush, and splinter the Sigmarines into their own “chapters” with their own rulebooks.   They are obviously fantasy space marines, and fit the mold of GWs tried and true product line.   No arguments that it was one of the most ingenious things GW ever came up with  for 40k.  From a business model it was brilliant, and I am still surprised virtually no other company does it.

    My guess,  would be civil war type of break.   The brother verse brother is a classic, and huge success in the past.   Not saying one side would fall to chaos, or even go “evil”.   Just a huge divide in the opinions on how to serve sigmars wishes would be all it took… forcing a civil war to gain ruling control perhaps.  Then from their you can splinter off several chapters with their own “rules”.   But more importantly it gives a big fluff reason or sigmarine on sigmarine battles.

    Just a thought,  but seems like the thing to do with easily the largest of the AoS army lines.  Only thing better then a big product line, is giving reasons to purchase even more minis from after you have all you need for one army.



    Hopefully never.

    They’re already putting out a new Stormcast book only a year after the first one. Also, there are already too many armies in the “forces of Order.” They outnumber Chaos Death and Destruction combined and frankly, I don’t think some of them even belong.

    Chapter books can very much stay in 40K, please.


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    I felt to an extent they’ve already done this a bit through the “chambers” concept. Did they not imply in something recently about what are the called, “The unforged” Stormcast who have turned away from Sigmar?



    The only unit I can find in AoS at all that has the name “Unforged” is a Dwarven one. Basically somewhere between the old school Slayers and flagellants.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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