Feast Your Eye on Godslayer’s Balescorch Cyclops

November 16, 2014 by dracs

A fearsome new creature has been released into the world of Godslayer; the guy with the magic eye, the Balescorch Cyclops.

Balescorch Cyclops

The Balescorch Cyclops is a new monster for the Banebrood Reavers and looms over all. Don't underestimate it because it only has one eye, it is a magic eye. According to Megalith Games, the Cyclops hibernated underground and lost their regular sight. However, they developed a magic eye which can not only see through objects, but also fire sorcerous blasts of power!

The model for the Balescorch Cyclops is utterly brutish, covered in fur and chains. It's even wielding a a broken statue, which gives us a good idea of both its scale and the damage it can deal. With its magic eye and muscle power, the Balescorch Cyclops promises to be a real challenge to face in Godslayer.

Do you play Godslayer? What do you think of the Balescorch Cyclops?

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