Godslayer’s Reavers Sink Their Teeth into the Enemy

November 13, 2013 by dracs

Megalith Games have released the tribesmen of the Reavers, a force of cannibalistic barbarians whose enemies become their entrées.

Reaver Tribesmen

The Reaver Tribesmen are the every day villagers of the Reaver sub-faction. While they are not the greatest of warriors there are a lot of them. They swarm over their enemies in a ripping, tearing cannibalistic feast.

The idea of a force of cannibals is morbidly fascinating. The act of cannibalism is one of the greatest cultural taboos the world over for a reason and during the time of the British Empire the cannibalistic tendencies of native tribes would be highlighted to further dehumanize them in the cultural mind.

The sculpts are brilliant and capture a great sense of motion and character to these hairy wild men. I would be tempted to start Godslayer just for a force of these.

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