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All Out War! Let’s Play Heavy Gear!


Darrell and Andy bust out their Heavy Gear forces for a quick and bloodthirsty throw down battle!

Magnetising a Heavy Gear Naga Strider… Part 2


Romain completes the magnetisation of his Naga Strider.

Buy a Heavy Gear Starter Set & you could win a Starter Army


Backstage members that buy either the Heavy Gear Blitz or Arena Starter Set, and enter the voucher code inside will be entered into a prize draw to win one of the Heavy Gear Army Sets worth £72.95.

Battle Bunkers x2 Free for Backstagers


As it's Heavy Gear Week we wanted to bring something Sci-Fi to Backstage as a free download.

NuCoal… they’re New… but are they the Best?


The NuCoal have the most up to date Field Guide... but does that mean they're the best?

Magnetising a Heavy Gear Naga Strider… Part 1


Romain magnetises each of the weapon options for a Southern Naga Strider.

Time to Take a Look at the Peace River Faction in Heavy Gear


The guys discuss Heavy Gear's very own private army... Peace River.

Have you experienced Heavy Gear yet?


Delve into the Heavy Gear Quick Start Rules Pack as we run through the two army lists.

What Motivates the Southern Faction in Heavy Gear?


That (not-so) shining example of universal harmony, the Southern Faction of the Heavy Gear universe, is given the once over.

Who are the Northern Faction in Heavy Gear?


Heavy Gear's zealous Northern Faction get's looked into by a pair of zealous wargamers.

The Voltigeur… NuCoal’s Heavy Battle Tank


The Voltigeur, the biggest, nastiest tank in the NuCoal armoury, get's rolled out for the guys to take a look at.

Fantastic Heavy Gear Facebook Giveaway!


To coincide with our week long coverage on Heavy Gear, the guys at Dream Pod 9 will be giving away some superb Heavy Gear miniatures on their Facebook page!

Unboxing the Heavy Gear Reaper Paint Set


Andy takes look at the contents of the latest Heavy Gear paint set from Reaper Miniatures.

An Interview with Heavy Gear’s Jason Dickerson


Andy speaks to the Heavy Gear developer and writer, Jason Dickerson, about the background to Heavy Gear and what's the next major release for the Dream Pod 9 Team

It’s Heavy Gear Week… Get your Free Starter Pack Today!


Right off the back of our Warhammer 40K week, we're heading straight into a week long extravaganza on the epic sci-fi game... Heavy Gear! Not only that, but the guys from Dream Pod 9 have created for us an exclusive set of starter rules as a free download for every viewer.

Heavy Gear: Blitz! How to Play…Part 1


Here's the first part of our guide on how to play Heavy Gear: Blitz! .

Heavy Gear: Blitz! How to Play…Part 2


Following on from part 1 here is the second part of our Heavy Gear: Blitz! How to Play series.

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