Shout Great Scott for Infamy’s Own Doctor Umber!

December 8, 2014 by dracs

Following up on the previews we saw last week, Infamy Miniatures is showing off the latest update on the sculpt for the Queen's own scientific adviser Doctor Umber.

Doctor Umber

Now we get to see the eminent scientist posed ready for battle in London's streets, all while sporting the best scientist hair cut this side of Hill Valley. There have been a few other changes besides the pose, most notably the addition of his sniper rifle and the crackling energy that now surrounds his shoulder things. No wonder his hair is like that, if he looks sideways he's going to get a shock.

Infamy have also announced a new stretch goal that will open up the opportunity for backers to put in an advanced order for the rulebook once it gets a paper publication.

Infamy Rulebook

There is as yet no fixed date for the publication of the rulebook. The plan in the meantime is that it will be a living digital rulebook, constantly adapting to feedback and game changes online. However, there will be a printed copy, which is good news for me and my fellow fans of print. I don't know why, but I just prefer paper copies to digital ones.

Do you like Infamy's Doctor Umber? Would you place an advanced order for the rulebook?

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