Bow Before the Idol of Cthulhu As It Rises from Kabuki!

October 2, 2014 by dracs

Kabuki Models have published some teaser images of the 3D renders for their Idol of Cthulhu, which they hope to bring into this realm we think of as reality with the help of their upcoming Lovecraft Nightmares Kickstarter.

Idol of Cthulhu 3D Rendering

Cthulhu Idol Back

Kabuki have stated that these glimpses of the sculpt we see here are lacking the weathering that will make the final piece look like an ancient artifact you're afraid to look at directly, but already we can see that this should be a pretty interesting model.

The tentacles and ragged wings are just what you might imagine when reading Call of Cthulhu, and they have succeeded in making the model look genuinely threatening. This is always a problem with Cthulhu, as in the wrong hands his iconic appearance can just appear lumbering and even silly.

Will you help the dread lord Cthulhu rise when Kabuki launch their Kickstarter?

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