2 Worthy Adversaries On Deck for the Sharktipede Kickstarter!

October 2, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Just in case a Sharktipede isn't wild enough to satisfy your need for bodacious Sci-Fi, then maybe the news of not one, but two, equally wild sculpts joining the Sharktipede 2.0 Kickstarter will catch your attention!

Sharktipede main

I give you Monktopus and Berserker! At 4 inches tall, they are wicked enough to be able to defend themselves against the devastastion of Sharktipede!

Monktopus looks awesome with his fangs and wild tentacles- he looks like the lovechild of a baboon, and an octopus with an Alien!


Then there's Berserker- who reminds me of a Sliver from Magic, crossed with Predator and legs of a dinosaur!


Can you imagine these mini's in your Sci-Fi worlds?

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