Rocket Games Show Off New Last Saga Previews

January 2, 2015 by brennon

Rocket Games did very well with Last Saga on  Kickstarter during the summer and throughout the rest of the year they've been developing the miniatures they promised. They really are looking very stunning and here's just a selection of them...

Guardians Of Tanaor

First up is a look at the Guardians of Tanaor in their render stage and you can already see where some of the neat handiwork has blessed these 3D sculpts. These folks have a great eye for detail and it's even more apparent when you get further along in the process...

WIP #1

WIP #2

WIP #3

As you can see the detail translates really well to this stage of the process and you get some rather stunning looking miniatures for their world of Sci-Fi adventure.

Tanaor Infantry (Metal #1)

Tanaor Infantry (Metal #2)

Here are some of the metal miniatures at their final stage of production as well and as you can see it's pretty spot on as well. I love the look of their weapons and the stances make for some cool battlefield action poses.

What do you think?

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