Lead Adventure Send A Hooded Miscreant To Bruegelburg

February 14, 2013 by brennon

Lead Adventure have a load of new models for the world of Bruegelburg coming soon and they have previewed a fair few over on their Facebook Page. Check out some heroes and even some terrain pieces for you to use too...

Robert von Scheerwald

Bruegelburg Thug

Bruegelburg Crossbowman

Above you can see the typically characterful miniatures Lead Adventure are known for. I'm still a massive fan of this entire range and it's perfect for using within other collections for a dash of something different.

Of the miniatures above my favourite has to be Robert von Scheerwald. I bet you can't guess what inspired that model.

Loot Sacks

Treasure Chests

If you're looking for something to pinch while you have your men dashing round Bruegelburg then how about using these terrain pieces? The sacks could easily be any number of things, from grain to gold coins so you have some flexible objectives too. I particularly like the squat treasure chests which would be great for dungeon running.

What do you think of these new offerings?

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