Set Up Base In Micro Art Studios’ Infinity Habitat Station & Tower

September 8, 2015 by brennon

Micro Art Studios have two new terrain pieces to their webstore in the Designed For Infinity range. The Habitat Station and Habitat Tower both fit together to become one piece but they can also exist separately if you so desire.

Habitat Station

The Habitat Station comes as one piece of hardfoam terrain and while unpainted it's good to have something that could almost instantly sit on your tabletop with maybe even just a cursory going over with an airbrush.

Habitat Station

Of course this doesn't offer the same level of play-space that you might expect from Infinity terrain since you can't get inside it but it does give you a nice piece of cover terrain with options for clambering on top of it.

Habitat Tower

The Habitat Tower is a slightly different beast because while it is a standard hardfoam terrain piece it also has some HDF elements which affix to it.

Habitat Tower

The tower has many levels but I imagine the most use you would get here is to use it as a snipers perch. You could say that one side of the building can be scaled allowing a sniper to clamber on top. The other big thing is that the tower has no cover on the top of it so a sniper could still be vulnerable.

Habitat Block

When combined this is what you get when you stack a few of the Tower sections on top of each other...

Tower & Station

So, when assembled you're getting a rather large structure that could act as a focal point on your tabletop. Considering this is just two big pieces of hardfoam (maybe more) and some additional HDF elements this is a fairly impressive terrain set which could give you a cityscape very quickly.

What do you think?

"You could say that one side of the building can be scaled allowing a sniper to clamber on top..."

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