Slay Some Fools With MProyec’s Grunkful The Forgotten!

July 12, 2014 by brennon

Mproyec are a team that I haven't heard of before. That was until I saw Grunkful the Forgotten, an awesome Slayer/Berserker Dwarf model that they have on their webstore as a limited edition figure!

Grünkful the Forgotten (Front)

Grünkful the Forgotten (Rear)

He is an amazing piece, leaning over the dead body of his current kill with its severed hand clutched in a meaty grip. The muscles look awesome and the detail is fantastic from what we can see here. There are even little scars and notches on his body from previous battles. All that's grand but the beard is brilliant too!

Grunkful is a 75mm miniature so larger than most but not an insurmountable task for a painter to have a go at either. This could well be one of the key items in any Dwarf collectors war room so I reckon this should be snapped up!

What do you think?

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