What is Best in Life? Munchkin: Conan of Course!

June 14, 2012 by brennon

Steve Jackson Games have an expansive range of different collections for the Munchkin games (backstabbing and bribery ahoy!) but none should be as good as inviting the mightiest barbarian of all to join you at the table. Check out Munchkin: Conan!

Munchkin - Conan

As you can probably tell from the cover its got that typical Steve Jackson humour running right through it. Whereas there was only a small Booster Pack available towards the end of last year this is now a full 168 card expansion to the game.

Munchkin - Conan (Sample Door Cards)

Munchkin - Conan (Sample Treasure Cards)

Munchkin is a fun game across the board and it should be good going through this collection looking for the in-jokes and 'memes' for all to laugh at around the table. I want to see how many references to Arnie and Ron Pearlman there are in here...

Will you be picking up this expansion to Munchkin?

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