Konflikt ’47 Italians Parachute Into The Action Alongside Borrowed Armour

November 8, 2018 by brennon

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The team at Warlord Games will be bringing some new Italians to the tabletop for Konflikt '47 soon. Leading the way we have the Falco Paratroopers.

Italian Falco Paratroopers - Warlord Games

Kitted out for action behind enemy lines these Paratroopers come with submachine guns so that they can get stuck into the fight at close range. You'll also notice that the squad comes with a larger machine gun AND a rocket launcher for dealing with armour when needed too.

They look like they are carrying a lot of their kit with them too, showing off a unit that is grizzled and ready to get stuck into the action. Remember, the Italians in Konflikt '47 have sort of split down the middle with some fighting for the Allies whilst others are still battling alongside the Axis.

This is shown here with the fact that they get themselves a Stuart-T Tesla Tank to play around with!

Italian Stuart-T Telsa Light Tank - Warlord Games

This tank has obviously been delivered to the Italians to help them in the ongoing war effort and comes equipped with a tesla gun for blasting away the enemy. I really like how Konflikt '47 builds on a lot of what already exists out there in the range and just throws in a few little Weird World War tweaks rather than going completely wild.

I think if I was going to get into Weird World War gaming I'd have to plump for Konflikt '47 actually over something like DUST or Secrets Of The Third Reich simply by virtue of the models and the rule system being one that I'm already familiar with.

What do you think?

"I really like how Konflikt '47 builds on a lot of what already exists out there in the range..."

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