Wheaton Lends His Voice to Double Fine’s Broken Age

December 10, 2013 by dracs

Some of you may already know about Broken Age, Double Fine's upcoming point-and-click adventure game which started life on Kickstarter. But did you know that none other than Geek royalty Wil Wheaton will be adding his vocal talents to it?

Tim Schafer and Wil Wheaton

He will be playing the character of Curtis the Lumberjack, a man trapped in his boarded up house because the trees are after him. Yup, it's a Tim Schafer game all right.

Curtis the Lumberjack

Tim Schafer and Double Fine have made some of my favourite games in the past, from Brutal Legend and Costume Quest to earlier examples such as Full Throttle.

Like a lot of people I was really excited by Schafer's return to the point and click genre and now that I have seen that they are getting the star of TableTop in I cannot wait to see the rest of this game's voice cast.

Did any of you back this game while it was on Kickstarter?

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