North Star Military Begin Their Gods & Mortals Nickstarter

September 6, 2013 by brennon

No, I didn't make a mistake on the title. North Star Military Figures by Nick Eyre has begun their own take on the Kickstarter fundraising platform to bring Of Gods & Mortals to the tabletop...

Of Gods & Mortals

Of Gods & Mortals Nickstarter

The game will feature, as you might imagine, Gods and Mortals fighting each other from all pantheons of the Ancient and Dark Age worlds. Thor will go up against Egyptian and Greek Gods with mighty warriors and indeed mortal souls too.



As you can see they have some pretty good looking miniatures right now and the range is going to continue growing. Being part of the campaign will also net you some exclusive miniatures and plenty of models and rules that go together too.

The Osprey Gaming line has been received well so far and there have been a few books worth checking out. However, one featuring Gods doing battle is a sure fire hit.

For Thor!

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