The French March to War under the Perry Miniatures Banner

July 4, 2012 by brennon

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With a look at some British soldiers from the Victorian Age, and a crew of American freedom fighters let's head over to France for our next foray into the world of Historical Wargaming. Perry Miniatures have a set of French Imperial Guard ready for the battlefield...

French Sailors of the Imperial Guard - Command

First up is the Command for these soldiers. I love the guy in command waving his tricorn hat forwards as they march to victory. A good characterful command set.

French Sailors of the Imperial Guard - Marching

Here are the marching infantry themselves. While they are looking like well sculpted models I can't wait to see what the action pose soldiers look like too. I may have to seriously think about getting into all this Napoleonic style wargaming...

I wonder folks, is there a skirmish level game out there where you could play within the Napoleonic theatre of war with a troupe of soldiers a bit like Sharpe?

Will you be marching under their colours?

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