Let Loose Arrows At The French With Perry’s Archers!

October 7, 2014 by brennon

Perry Miniatures have some more plastics on their workbench and this time it's the famed archers of the English. Ready to pluck the flower of French nobility check out the Agincourt Archers that will be out soon!

Agincourt Archers #1

Agincourt Archers #2

Agincourt Archers #3

As you can see each of the archers comes with a variety of options including their stance of course as well as their own stake and pile of arrows to draw from. One thing I'll always remember from Mike Loades on a TV program a long time ago was that these archers usually had to 'relieve' themselves where they stood or nearby so when they plucked those arrows out of the ground they were like little bio-hazard weapons. You might survive the hit of the arrows but the infection could claim your life after the fact!

Full Agincourt Archers Sprue

You can see the sprue for these English Army Archers above too detailing just what you're getting. I've always loved archers and archery so this could well be something I pick up on principle alone without the need to build an army! Some nicely detailed miniatures once again from the Perry twins and well worth adding to a Medieval army or indeed mixing into something more fantastical.

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