Napoleon Retreats From Moscow In The Perry’s Stylish Sledge

November 24, 2014 by dracs

Perry Miniatures continue their retreat from Moscow and this time have released the mode of transport of Napoleon himself. Check out the emperor as he flees in his sledge.

Napoleon's Sledge

Napoleon's Sledge Components

I think that Perry Miniatures have done a superb job with this sculpt. Everything about it looks like a luxurious way in which to retreat from Moscow. Napoleon is joined by one of his marshals and a Lancer of the Guard, and has two different head options for himself, either with his traditional bicorne or a warmer fur cap.

This miniature looks great and would serve as an excellent centre piece for a larger diorama. However, I could also imagine it being used in games as well, either as an objective for the enemy to capture, or as a very stylish command unit.

What gaming uses can you think of for Napoleon's Sledge?

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