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Warhammer Fantasy Revisited

Warhammer Fantasy Revisited

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It's Just Too Hot....

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It’s been way too hot to get any meaningful hobby progress done. (As in the paint is drying out on a wet palette kind of heat). Locally the weather has been hitting the 35-40 degree mark for most of the month hence my lack of progress/updates.

Have been doing some tinkering here and there – a little more work on the Dragon for the High elf Sea Patrol and have started putting the base colours on a couple of the Middenheim unis, but primarily it’s just been assembly and priming.

Middenheim/Cult of Ulric army as it presently stands:

50 spearmen assembled and primed.

25 swordsmen assembled and primed

25 Halberdiers assembled, primed and base colours commenced

10 Crossbowmen assembled, primed and base colours commenced

10 Handgunners assembled and primed

10 Handgunners assembled and primed

10 Huntsmen assembled and primed

2×3 man artillery crews assembled and primed

Cannon assembled, yet to be primed

Mortar have most of the parts, need to kitbash a frame and assemble

9 Knights of the White Wolf assembled and primed, red armour done

9 Knights of the White Wolf assembled and primed, red armour done

9 Knights of the White Wolf assembled and primed, red armour done

Grandmaster of the White Wolf assembled and converted, primed, halfway through base colours.

Plus other characters assembled and primed: Markus Wulfhart, 4 priests of Ulric on foot, 2 mounted Priests of Ulric, and a Middenheim Captain or Lord on foot.

Yet to buy/convert/procure – A couple of units of Hunting Hounds, a block of Teutogen Guard (maybe 2?…) and probably a wizard for the Middenheim half of the army – Frostgrave have some nice metal character wizards who look rough and ready (and beardly) enough to fit the bill. Also found an old empire engineer who I am considering adding – the model looks like a good fit but the army is getting a bit ‘shooty’ as it is…

So if I am only looking at the ‘in hand’ stuff I have 152 infantry, 30 cavalry and 2 warmachines to paint. Well at least that should keep me out of trouble for a bit 🙂

In actual hobby progress, I did get that unit of Bretonnian Knights finished off. A couple of progress shots follow


Base colours onBase colours on
Soooo many decals added....Soooo many decals added....
And the finished product.And the finished product.

Will have to confess I wasn’t sold on the colour scheme when my friend told me what he wanted but now with them all ranked up I have to admit that they have grown on me – pretty sure he made the right call. Recipe follows (as I’ll probably add a Paladin to lead the unit and a foot retinue in the same colours/heraldry somewhere down the line…).

(All paints Vallejo Model Colour range unless otherwise stated).

Knights were primed in AP Plate Mail, Mounts in AP Matt White.

Purple was a violet base colour, next highlight was a 50/50 mix of violet and Violet Blue, fial highlight was Violet Blue (could afford not to be too subtle with the gradient as the AP ink at the end tones down the colour shift).

Leather was Leather Brown

Red was Cavalry Brown, re-highlighted after dip

Gold was AP Bright Gold

Flesh was Basic Skintone (multiple coats of same)

Hair was Light Brown (multiple coats of same)

White was multiple coats of Ivory, followed by a thin coat of AP matt White, retouched after dip.

The Dip was AP Strong Tone Varnish thinned down slightly with mineral turpentine and brushed on. Brushed excess off areas with decals to try and avoid pooling around edge of decals.

Base was Olive Green (2 coats). Flock was a blend of Woodland Scenics Earth Blend Blended turf and  Woodland Scenics Yellow grass Fine Turf. Flowers and grass tufts were a mix of of manufacturers (AP, Gamers Grass and Leadbear IIRC).

Then 2 coats of AP Matt Varnish.

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