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Beastlords faction for Bot War

Beastlords faction for Bot War

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Always preferring the baddies

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This is it, this is my final scheme, this is what I am really motivated to paint and have spent quite a while looking at it building excitement.


I am one of those people who prefers the “bad guys”, and this scheme is my interpretation of what the Beastlords would look like if they were to become infected with Deceiver code.

Colour choices...

Top: Boxart.  Middle: Heroic.  Bottom: EvilTop: Boxart. Middle: Heroic. Bottom: Evil

This is going to be a huge generalisation but bare with me.

Evil factions tend to have a cooler pallette than heroic ones, usually a connotation of their cold-hearted nature, lurking in shadows and specialising in subterfuge.  These ideas to me are symbolic of night time (it’s colder and easier to hide) and the colours that come to mind are teal blue/greens, greys, and purples (which can also add warmth to a scheme).


These colours also loosely featured on a few of the Decepticons from the Gen1 Transformers cartoons (Wingspan & Pounce, Sixshot) which ticks my nostalgia box.


In the above image you can see a comparison of the 3 Beastlord schemes; the original Boxart, the “Heroic” looking cartoon style, and my “Evil” Deceivers Beastlords. One day I may take the plunge and buy another set to paint up in the red/gold colours as I think they would be fun.  Most of my paint jobs (aside from my Bot Wars it seems) are usually heavily desaturated and cold, which is probably why I have been so taken by the teal/purple scheme, but I have to say it would be fun to paint that much red and gold as they’re both colours I rarely ever use (so have plenty of paint in those colours just sitting on the shelf).

Speaking of paint…..

Paint choices

Using the Paint Rack app for Android (iOS version still coming soon apparently) I was able to use the colour tools to get out some colours from my collection that would be a good match for the 3 main colour blocks in my chosen scheme; teal, purple, grey


The Paint Rack app allows you to filter only the collections of paints you have (or want to use) and after being really impressed with the results from P3 last time I decided to see if this scheme could be solely done with a single range. I’ve not yet tested the scheme on a model but I think I will need to add in some more paints to bring it all together when glazing in the highlights, but this is my initial thoughts on paints….

The bases will follow the same brown tones and textures used on my other BotsThe bases will follow the same brown tones and textures used on my other Bots

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