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Lake Town in need of Spring Cleaning!

Lake Town in need of Spring Cleaning!

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Four LakeTown houses finished!

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 6
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Really pleased to have got to this stage. It’s given me a real boost and shows me that the work I’ve put in will pay off over a larger table. Admittedly, these are all the very textured plastic GW kits – but I know the weathering, details and little pops of lighting will tie all the other buildings together.

The Prawncing Pony 😆The Prawncing Pony 😆

Method was the same as listed previously, only here you can see some extra details:

  1. Bird poo. Thinned Wraithbone, with a centre of Ratling Grime
  2. Lighting glow. Light drybrush of Trollslayer orange. Light drybrush of Averland Sunset. Light drybrush of Wraithbone. Glaze with Iyanden Yellow.
  3. Leaded windows. Black sharpie over the leading.
A combined, larger houseA combined, larger house

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Fantastic painting! 🙌

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