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Wolfs Wabble of Wowdy Webels

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Lockdown single person action.

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Wolfs, Wabble of Wowdy Webels. Part One.

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Skill 2
Idea 2
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Wolfs own Actions in his own campaign.

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Skill 4
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Wolfs Wabble of Wowdy Webels and Captain Maharg of the Empire.

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
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All Rebel and Empire units that take part in these actions.

Wolfs Wabble of Wowdy Webels campaign against the Empire.

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
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The Empire.

Well we now have an Emperor which rules the Galaxy,

With many planets under his control, these would be the good guys; yes ?

But then again if there’s an Emperor, there’s always an enemy of the state

These are known to all of us as the Rebel Alliance,

May be these are our good guys.

I guess it all depends what side your on, which is the right side or the wrong side and it’s not so black or white or Good V’s Evil.

Well only time will tell.

Dar, Dar,

Da Da Da, Dar Dar.

Da Da Da, Dar Dar.

Da Da Da Dar.


The Jolly Rodger.

The commander of this vessel which trades across the empire is a well known, Captain Wolf, his trading suddenly came illegal trading as the taxes rose ever upwards from the planetary governors ever wanting more for the Empire and their Emperor. So he took on the art of smuggling even more which became more profitable for both sides, it was then that the Empire called him Commander Wolf of the Rebel Alliance and many time since have tried to hunt him down across the darkness of space, and yet, he always manages to finds a way out. Meanwhile his own beloved crew have always call him Foxy not just to his face, they are loyal and will follow him anywhere, getting an equal share of the profits, so they think.

If there is any money in it, and enough money in it, he will go to the ends of the galaxy for who ever will pay him the most. This is how he ended up on the side of the rebels, not for doing anything wrong or bad thing, but just for doing the right thing for himself and his crew. So for that reason whenever they manage to put one over the Evil Empire you will always here the cry “Long live the revolution”, with one fist in the air.

Commander Wolfs Briefing.

Crossing from one planet to another keeping that one step in font of the dreaded Empire. It was then that Commander Wolf received information from the Rebel Alliance. His ship being the nearest ship, was to travelling to Undo. Actually his next port of call was Undo. So while there he must pick up information and or informers from a downed pod and bring them, it, back to safe and sound for the sake of the Rebel Alliance. But be carful Commander the Empire are also is on their way, so enemy contact is highly possible.

Commander of the Stormtroopers Briefing.

Captain Marharg. This wasn’t an accident the carrier was hit but escaped in space, but it managed to get near the planet before it, crashed and burnt. Many pods were seen to be jettisoned just before impact. They have also received a mayday sent from that planet which meant  someone down there was still alive.

Your Command new that information had been taken, what and by whom was unknown. But seeing The Jolly Roger arrive and sending out a carrier of its own they new they where close and you could collect two prices this day. The man himself Commander Wolf and his ship The Jolly Roger. So send a force of your own to both areas.

1st Action, the crash site.

Space wreckage is all around so landing was had to be a full click away. A lone pod is sitting in the center sending out a mayday over and over again. Commander Wolf as always right in the action so he has taken a team his ground forces to its position.


Commander Wolf and his command team (straight out the Rebels Specialist Box) Two units of 6 Rebel Troopers and, there is 1 unit of 6 Fleet Troopers which stayed on the Landing Craft they called the Traveler to unload the cargo.


Captain Maharg, and her command team (straight out the Imperials Specialist Box) with 3 units of 6 Stormtroopers, one of these Stormtrooper units she sent straight away towards the landed craft with a back up of 1 unit of 74-Z Speeder Bikes.

Terrain and Objectives.

The area which this took place was on a 2’x 2′ square.

In the center sits a crashed escape pod. Around it is the wreckage of the downed space ship which you use 8 barricades as wreckage and all classing as Hard Cover. You may place others scenery down as more crashed wreckage but these will be clast as Light Cover.

There is only 1 objective. The downed Escape Pod.


Length of this action will last 6 turns.

Who ever holds the contents of the escape pod wins this encounter.

To open escape pod, that unit must spend a whole turn by its side and without moving. Inside you will find 3 occupants, the first is Leia Organa with two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO.

If at the end of the 6th turn the Empire hold Leia, then that could only bad for the Rebel Alliance, droids are droids. Take, Wipe new droids.

If the Rebels have Leia after turn 6 then that’s good for the Alliance.

If any of your command figures took damage please write down for the final action. (3rd Act) and how many figures each unit lost.


2nd Action, the landing site Traveler.

Wolfs team dropped off the cargo meant for this planets inhabitance, supplies. These men and women would work on the ship when he was away, fixing anything which went wrong on landing, dropping off cargo and drinking coffee.


One unit of 6 Fleet Troopers.


One unit of 6 Stormtroopers and One unit of 2 x 74-Z Speeder Bikes.

Terrain and Objectives.

Terrain is nice open ground and a 2’x 2′ area is used. At the back of the ship the team has placed a U shape of cargo boxes that’s 6 barricades in two’s in the U shape in the center of their deployment zone. The ship sits just off the tables edge. Two more barricades are used as the start of the wreckage field, these are placed a Range one from Stormtroopers Deployment base edge.

4 objectives are used, one sits at the base edge at the ships ramp just off the tables edge. Three are placed just outside the U shaped cargo boxes/barricades and touching each center of those barricades. All cargo and barricades are clast as Light Cover for this scenario.


This action last for 6 turns.

Each cargo/barricade in the U shape have 3 hit points each. Every time you take off a dice for the cargo/barricades defense it looses a life point until destroyed.

When a cargo/barricade is destroyed the Empire side gains 1 point.

If a leader figure is within movement one from the ships objective at the end of the 6th turn gain 2 points.

If one side is destroyed, they loose all victory points held. The other side wins.


3rd Action, Escape or not Escape, that is the question.

If Wolfs defenders held onto his ship in action 2, then they get on and leave.

If the Empire Troops hold the ship, then this next fight takes place.

Forces used, is who ever is left after the Actions 1 and 2. any character who took wounds only gains one wound back from their last game, if killed they also come back but with 1 wound only as they where only badly hurt and not killed as firstly thought.

Terrain and Objectives.

The terrain is set out just as 2nd action area was set out and each cargo/barricade in the U shape have 3 hit points each unless destroyed. Every time you take off a dice for the cargo/barricades defense it looses a life point until destroyed.

There is only 1 objective and that is for Wolf to get away, hopefully with Leia and droids in toe. So the objective is placed along the ships edge right in the center of the base edge. This will be held by the Stormtroopers left from their Action 2 within what was left of the U shaped cargo/barricades.


Is 6 turns or until one side is destroyed.

Any leader figure within movement one from the ships objective at the end of the 6th turn gains 2 Victory Points.

If no Stormtroopers are left then Wolf’s forces get away once again from the Empire forces.

If his side wins Wolf’s forces get away once again from the Empire forces.

As Wolf and his boys leave the planet. Once more having gotten away by the skin on their teeth, the normal cry of the crew rose out when they hit space as they normally do “long live the  revolution”.

But then in space they come across three Empire Destroyers and no Jolly Rodger, but no panic here, as in moments their ship appeared like magic switching off its cloaking system, moved over to collects the Traveler, picking up Wolf and his group. Then just as normal without the Empires ships catching him up, they moved quickly away before jumping into hyper space and disappeared back in to the darkness of space Far Far Away.


Wolfs, Wabble of Wowdy Webels. End of part one.

A quick one here is the Jolly Rodgers Cloaking shield can only works when the ship is stationary or it could be the strange glass looking plates upon its body that makes it so. Unknown why, it just works that way, when he collected this ship from one of the Empires Ship Yards. It looked the nieces and it worked, ok it was after a while and after a lot of tinkering they found out what the big blue switch did, as being inside when they flicked the switch they could not know what was happening outside. But then one time when Wolf was approaching, the team on board hit the blue switch and like magic it disappeared and a lot of swearing could be herd from Wolf.

If he’d lost, then we would not be tell another story.

Another day another dollar.

After dropping off Princes Leia and her two droids Wolf now new a lot more what was going on, he just dropped her off with Mon-Mathma and took off to the skies once more.

Knowing out here in the Outer Rim, there was a few places he could go to collect a bit of good bounty “Spice Spice baby” the bringer of life, the opening of vision and the habit of a life time once you got hooked. Out here it could be found on a few dodgy worlds that would bring a good penny back to his crew in the Center Rims markets.

So when they arrived on planet, what a surprise they got to see the Empire out here in the Outer Rim. When talking in the local cantina, only more bad news they came across. The once lucrative spice transactions had been stopped by the evil Empire, who had taken over the mines and where now using slave labor for their dirty work and it was then they also found out Alliance Rebels were in jail here too.

So a plan would be hatch as they sat and drank and drank some more. A team was sent out to do some recognizance and came back with even more bad news. the Empire had built more then just a jail four building had been seen. The Jail, a Ship yard compound with a few space ships of different types and sizes, a barracks and what could only be called a Palace upon this world.

So two objectives would be set out for the next night.

!st Action, the great escape.

Wolf as he always leads from the front would take a team to the Jail and break out the alliance boys. Draco would take a team to break in and get as many ships ready to break out.


Sneaking through the shanty town, they made their way to the Jail, hopefully their friend had received a message which had been given to some other convict to pass on, Some time after Midnight start a Riot.


Commander Wolf and two units of 6 Rebel Troopers. lay waiting outside the gates.


As three units of 4 Stormtroopers who went round doing their business. One unit inside the Jail complex, which was a huge building. One unit walked around kicking cans and watching the gate, while the third got their heads down inside a small guard house.

Terrain and Objectives.

A small building in the top right hand corner of the yard was in darkness at this time. The gates closed and locked where on the opposite wall. Down on the left a huge building the only doors, a pair of double doors that could be seen were placed in its center. The yard in front of the building was open ground. The walls around must be 15′ high and the same size as the gates.

The area is 2’x 2′ square, So upon our area the walls are the base edges. Place a small building in right corner. Opposite a set for gates. as long as the small building. Place the center double doors.

Three objectives setup at Key Positions, Gate, Guard Building and Jail doors.

Using Limited Visibility rules.

Walls and small building are Hard Cover, the Gate are classed as Light cover which have been blown opened leaving two barricades Light Cover. Enter Wolfs Force.


Time passes nearly until daybreak then all Hell brakes loose. Then 6 turns.

How long dose it take Wolfs team to dispatch the two guard outside. As the guards inside are destroyed by the uproar.

How many turns left x 2 will be how many units are retrieved from the jail.

Now all you have to do is get them to their ships or so you think in 3rd Action.


2nd Action. Space Yard retrieval.

After leaving Wolf to do the hard part, Draco and his two team make it to the yard without any problem. Snip the padlocks and enter, closing the gates behind them, each pair of Troopers head for 6 different ship. The clamps are huge but no problem for teams ready for the job. in moments there ready and they group up again near the gate among the chunks of metal work . They wait, and wait and wait. then just before daybreak and them leaving they here it, loud and clear.

So do the Imperials as a team come out of the near by barracks and head down to the ruckus. Draco not wanting his boss to be outflanked, opens up.


Commander Draco, seen below white base. (I used the officer card, Commander Wolfs card without extras) and two 6 man Ship Trooper units.



Two 6 man Stormtrooper Units.

Terrain and Objectives.

Area fought over is the front of the Ship Yards entrance, on 2’x 2′ area. The center line you place a fence with a (1 range wide open gate in the middle. One side 6  barricades are placed where ever the Alliance wishes. Out side the gate and fence area, 2 barricades are place where the Empire wishes and on the edge facing the fence are a few buildings. Barricades and Buildings are Hard Cover while the Fence is Light Cover.

The Limited Visibility rule is used. 1st round only use up to Range Two, 2nd round only use up to Range Three.

Use Intercept the Transmissions, so there are three objectives placed.


This action lasts 6 turns.

Points gained on turns 2 and 4. Control an objective by having more trooper unit  leaders within Range 1 of the objective, to gain 2 points. Or until your enemy is all destroyed.

Victory, have the Alliance Force held back the Empire Force or can the Empire advance to the Jail Block.

3rd Action.

Out of the block comes group after group of people unknown to Wolf. They ransack the Stormtroopers bodies collecting equipment and force the safes from within the small building and pour out of the gates. At least heading the right way.

How many units are Alliance, they come out last, gather round Wolf and these are taken towards the ships. Most of the criminals and there’s a lot of angry people bypass the ship yard where Draco and team sit quietly. They head towards the Imperials barracks and even more storm the Imperial Place.

As there is only a few pilots among the Alliance freed survivors so only 2 ships take off also filled with Alliance troopers. A group of Wookiees Warriors grab another ship. A man with a single Wookiee grabs another. He slaps Wolf on the back saying thanks old man as him and his Wookiee partner return to their ship.

Now with all his force collected together they make for their own ship the Traveler. Making it into space they come across the 2 Rebel Alliance ships and the Wookiees ship, they pass over some code and those 3 take off. Then Jolly Rodger makes its self known saying if they had appeared they might have been shot at.

Wolf and his men are patched up by the Doc and some new men have joined his crew.

This is looking worse now every where they go, so really there’s only one thing for it and that’s to make it back to the Rebel Alliance HQ and join fully into what they have planned.

Roll a dice for the new units which have joined Wolfs Wabble of Wowdy Webbles. Roll 1 white dice for every trooper in each unit. A wound or critical means they didn’t make it.

So ends this short campaign of my own hero’s story line, but you know, his story doesn’t end here. We might see more of him in the future campaigns of Rebel Alliance against the Emperors Forces, but only time will tell.

“Long live the Wevolution”.

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