Puppets War Equip Your Orcs For A Blaze Of Fire & Plazm!

November 18, 2015 by dracs

Puppets War have come out with a pair of new weapon options for your clanking orc contraptions. First up, there is the fiery destruction of the Blaze Cannons.

Orc Blaze Canons

There's nothing too astounding here; they're flame throwers that the orcs, as is there way, have turned up to eleven. Flamethrowers like these will always be a useful addition to your arsenal and you can just imagine the destruction orc made ones can cause, a race who has never heard the term health and safety.

The real fun begins with the Plazm Cannons!

Orc Plazm Cannons

These things look like a demented Tesla coil death ray. Wrapped up in that much copper wire, surely the orc operating it must be in more danger than whoever is unfortunate enough to be in front of it. This is definitely a weapon for the greenskin scientist in you.

Orc Examples

As you can see, these weapons can be implemented into Puppets War's existing orcish war machines to create some all new death dealers. It's always ridiculously fun to see what greenskins take to the field and the more options they have the more fun destruction we get to see.

Will you choose the blaze, or the plazm?

"These things look like a demented Tesla coil death ray..."

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