Scale75 Look To Bring Biker Chick To Life With IndieGoGo

February 3, 2014 by brennon

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Scale75 do some neat looking miniatures for display and they have come to IndieGoGo to help fund the latest of their projects, the biker chick with the steampunk edge, Sarah Kilmister...

Sarah  Kilmister

She's very much the pin-up model and I'm sure folks have plenty to say about this, or maybe not, the discussions has been had a fair few times already. Either way these guys know exactly what they're doing with larger scale models and have excellent illustrators and sculptors working behind the scenes.

Kitty Reimer

Ilsa Mech

Fix It Sam

Amelia Steam

These 75mm ladies would be quite the challenge for a painter and if you could get it right, it would be right up there on the gaming shelf as quite the achievement. I think Scale75 have produced some great stuff here and they are closing in on their quite modest goal, so we'll most likely see Kilmister become a reality.

What do you think?

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