Community Spotlight: Eastern Mass Battle, Zulu Research & Shaved heads

January 23, 2019 by lancorz

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We're back for another week of Community Spotlight, join us for another look through our fantastic community projects to see what's caught our eye and what deserves of some attention.

Make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Uesugi Archers by alfonsothetraitor

Not only is this project continuing to be massive in size and detail, alfonso has been working steady on his Heaven and Earth Samurai forces.

Starting off the year finishing up some beautifully painted Uesugi Archers, what I love is how the painting style isn't particularly intimidating for others, the styles are clean, details are met and a lot of the faces have recognisable features. This is rank and file painting with precision detail while still maintaining the speed to paint larger armies. I think alfonsothetraitor has found the perfect balance between high painting standards and speed.

As we see a lot of the miniature is black base coated however the  etails and contrasting colour choices make each feature remarkable and a lovely compliment to the softer shades of the horse.

Units of the Zulu War by denzien

This may be an odd choice for the Community Spotlight however we always set out with the idea to showcase the best projects, ideas and marvels that you guys are doing during your hobbies.

denzien has been working through the Zulu War in his hobby space and remarkably took some inspiration first hand by visiting Rorke's Drift.

Taking some time out of your actual hobby to visit some of the historical spaces that you've been studying whether it be WW2 or Rorke's Drift will always be a great learning experience. You'll benefit from learning the size of spaces that some of your games will or should be taking place in. Perhaps the area is much bigger than you would ever dream or more cramped than possible.

Learning that the burial sites at Rorke's Drift were placed as the men had fallen, denzien made a point that it's a very interesting perspective as to how the battle flowed. "The larger the cairn the more bodies are buried beneath"

Judging from photographs of the Zulu tabletop of their own, denzien is a big advocate for storytelling. I can imagine that the visit to Rorke's Drift will offer a very nice perspective and respect for the battle and hopefully enhance their experience for the tabletop.

Enter the Blackstone Fortress by Joerugby

As Games Workshop's new hit, Blackstone Fortress raced off the shelves last year; we've seen more and more of the fabled characters hitting our projects.

Taking a look at the Url-Ghuls, the bases are phenomenal with a beautiful glass tile effect. What seems like only three colours on the miniatures, the end result is a great depiction for their malnutrition and grotesque look and something to be feared on the Blackstone Fortress for sure.

As the Ur-Ghuls show off a great capacity for shading with minimal colours, the face and shaved head on Janus is a fantastic showcase of detail. Managing to include that six-o-clock shadow on the miniature is a very nice touch and a finer detail that most others would forget. I think the intimidation level just ranked up a notch.

So, what have you been up to lately?

Every week we're choked up with the amount of amazing projects on the system, not to mention the plethora of WIPs in the forum sections, remember if you want to showcase what you're working on; get your Project made today  and maybe it'll take a feature in the Community Spotlight.

We don't mind if you're a newcomer to painting or a veteran of the brush, everything you do inspires us and we wouldn't be us, without you.

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