Puppets War Sight You Down the Barrel of Their Cyber Rifle

July 4, 2014 by dracs

Another piece of cyber weaponry has appeared from the Puppets War armoury, a rifle accessory to give your droids a bit more range with their fire power.

Cyber Rifle Arms

Cyber Rifle Attached

These rifles have a far longer barrel than any of the other Cyber ranged weapons Puppets War have released, and I could imagine them serving as the basic range weapon of their droids.

However, these are perhaps my least favourite of this weapon range. The spiral at the centre seems incongruous with the rest of the smooth lines on display, making it look more like a steampunk Tesla inspired weapon, rather than a cyber piece. Still, it is a decent alternative which will help mix up the weapons load out of your unit.

Are Puppets War bringing you some Cyber weaponry?

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