Victoria Go Ranging With New Ranger Options

October 11, 2014 by dracs

Victoria Miniatures have scouted on ahead and come back with a new set of Ranger Torsos to equip your men for reconnaissance duty.

Ranger Torsos

Victoria Ranger

Ranger Torsos Back

Now I am admittedly something of a sucker for minis which look stealthy. Whenever I play 40k, it's always with Scouts and Infiltrators across the board, all inevitably cloaked. I think Victoria have done a good job with these torsos, succeeding in creating cloaks that dramatically frame the miniature without going to the extreme lengths some such sculpts often go to.

Along with these, Victoria have a couple of new weapon options to give to your troopers.

Victoria Weapons

These new hand weapons give you a few more options for kitting out your troops for how you wish to field them and should suit most scifi miniature ranges well.

Do you use Rangers much? Would you equip your minis with any of Victoria's latest pieces?

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