Steve Barber’s 28mm Vikings Ready To Go Raiding!

April 1, 2014 by brennon

Steve Barber Models have revealed their 28mm Vikings that are going to be available from Salute next week. See what you think of these marauders from the North that would be grand in a range of different historical games...

Steve Barber Vikings

Each of the models you can see above can be tweaked and changed to a certain degree thanks to the multi-part nature of the models and you can see the full range of different set-ups over on the link above. As it stands though you've got some neat looking Vikings that would be great when mixed and matched with your current warband.

The main Warlord figure in the middle is very cool and the two chaps with big dane axes would be great as Berserkers.

Do you think they will feature in your warband?

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