Check Out The Meteoric Bases Of Tabletop-Art

December 19, 2014 by brennon

If you're looking to take your wargaming to a distant blasted planet then you might want to check out the new bases from Tabletop-Art in the Meteoric Surface range...

Meteoric (25mm)

Meteoric (40mm)

Meteoric (60mm)

Meteoric (Oval)

As you can see they would be pretty awesome for something like the Moon or even Mars. Basically these would be great as any number of different far flung worlds and of course a meteor itself. I think you could change the planet of choice simply by painting them differently.

I'd like to use these kind of bases for my Warzone army. I think they would make my Imperials look pretty awesome if these were painted in Mars red.

What do you think?

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