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Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Morkanaut Part Three!


To finish off Duncan is adding the final touches to his mammoth Morkanaut. He'll be going into detail about how to create great effects for lights and orbs as well as a bit more weathering and a sure fire way to paint horns!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Morkanaut Part One!


It's time for another round of painting tutorials from Duncan of Games Workshop as he starts work on that massive new Ork construct, the Morkanaut! See what you think of Part One where he works on the hull!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Texture Paints!


Rounding things off Games Workshop take a look at that all important step, basing your miniature. To do that they have a range of texture paints that actually work pretty darn well from what I've been told! See what you think of this tutorial.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Battle Damage & Weathering


Smash and bash up your vehicles in the fires of combat an environments of death worlds as you see this new Painting Tutorial from Games Workshop...

Tank God Tips: Paint and Rust Chipping Effect


It's time for another Tank God Tip so John brings out the Crusader Tank from the Bolt Action range to show us how to create some cool paint and rust chipping effects. Make your new tanks look old!

Tank God Tips: Tank Track Painting Made Easy!


We continue with our series of Tank God Tips as John shows you a quick and easy process for painting tank tracks!

Mantic Hobby Tips: Painting Deadzone Terrain!


Dave gets his brush and water out and gives you a run down of the tips and tricks you'll need to know when painting your Deadzone Terrain. See what you think of the finished products within...

Tank God Tips: Burnt & Rusted Metal!


Our personal tank ace John is back for another tutorial on tanks. Today he's in the mood to show off how to paint up a magnificent burnt and rusted metal technique that will make your tanks really look as if they are in the middle of a battlefield and firing on all cylinders.

Painting Corroded Rhino Armour


Romain shows you how to weather the armour of a Space Marine Rhino using a door hatch.

40K Ork Stompa Painting Tutorial – Part 3


In the final part John starts with mixing up a little cocktail that creates a nice oil look on the hydraulic rams etc.

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