Troll Forged Test Print Their Ace Dreadnought!

December 24, 2014 by brennon

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While Justin still might not like the look see what you think of Troll Forged's Dreadnought as it becomes more of a reality. The miniature below is just a test print but it's looking pretty burly and awesome even now...

Dreadnought Test Print #1

Dreadnought Test Print (Comparison)

Dreadnought Test Print #2

As you can see from the size comparison this is one hell of a big sculpt and it's no doubt going to tower over pretty much anything else you have on the tabletop too. The design is open enough in style that you could go to town on it and cater it towards your army of choice but I still reckon this would be great in a Steampunk or Weird World War setting.

Imagine the scenario. You're playing Wolsung SSG and there is this big machine in the middle of the table. Both of your warbands are fighting over it to take control of at least one of the arms to unleash a deadly stream of bullets on the enemy.

What do you think?

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