The Roman Legions Begin Their March Out Of Victrix

June 18, 2014 by brennon

Victrix have been talking Greeks for a while but they also have some awesome Roman Infantry Sets coming your way towards the end of July. See what you think of some of the previews for them below...

Rome's Legion Of The Republic I

Rome's Legion Of The Republic II

First up we have a pair of different sets for the Legions of the Republic. The first set contains a lot of Roman soldiers wearing chainmail whereas the second one has them in the more well known breastplates that we've come to know from big classical movies and such. Interestingly I didn't know that this was worn by those who couldn't afford the more expensive chainmail!

Rome's Latin Allied Legions

As well as the Legions of the Republic they have included another set of plastic troops for Latin Allied Legions. They have equipment and weapons much like their true Roman counterparts but also engaged in a bit of racial diversity when it came to the adornments and fashioning of army.

There is a lot more on the horizon too with Carthaginians and maybe even Celts! You get a stupidly large amount of miniatures in these sets as well so keep an eye out for a lot more details on this front.

Perfect miniatures for your growing Legion?

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