Build Up The US Forces For Black Seas With Warlord Games

May 23, 2022 by brennon

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Warlord Games has turned the focus of Black Seas towards the build-up of forces amongst the US during the 1800s. There are three new ships for you to consider picking up alongside some rather swift Sloops!

USS Independence - Black Seas

USS Independence // Black Seas

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The first of the ships we're looking at is the USS Independence. She was pretty much just a deterrent and didn't see much use in major conflicts. However, the reason to have her introduced into the range is so that she can be used in "what if...?" scenarios on the tabletop during games of Black Seas.

Secondly, we turn our attention to the USS North Carolina.

USS North Carolina - Black Seas

USS North Carolina // Black Seas

The next of the ships is the USS North Carolina. She was considered to be the most powerful naval vessel during her time. She was used as the flagship of the US Commodore John Rogers in the Mediterranean. She never saw much use until after the period of Black Seas but once again she is there to be used in fun alternative scenarios.

Lastly for the US, we have the USS Ohio.

USS Ohio - Black Seas

USS Ohio // Black Seas

Sailing under Commodore Isaac Hull in the late 1830s, she was one of the few third rate ships that came out of the US during the period. Another fun little ship for tinkering around the time period and doing something a bit different from the Historical narrative.

Last but not least, we have a set of Sloops as part of a Sloops Squadron.

Sloops Squadron - Black Seas

Sloops Squadron // Black Seas

These are smaller ships that were quicker and more agile. They would often play a supporting role amongst a fleet and would pass information from one ship to the next. Whilst everything that we've seen so far has been for the US, these could be used for a variety of different nations.

The Black Seas collection has properly expanded over the last while. It's neat to see more ships popping up that can be used for Historical engagements and something a bit more "what if...?".

Are you liking the look of the new US ships?

"It's neat to see more ships popping up that can be used for Historical engagements and something a bit more "what if...?""

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